Hivemail Webmail Portal 1.41F

Hivemail Webmail Portal

HiveMail, a PHP Webmail Portal script backed with a comprehensive Admin Control Panel which reveals all relevant user data & activity and lets you manage your Users, Groups and even paid Subscriptions easily and effectively.

HiveMail is optimized for Performance. It runs perfectly on any server, handles thousands of users and processes hundreds of emails/minute on a standard server. You can even install and run it on a shared server without any noticeable performance loss.

Features of HiveMail:
- Provide FREE OR PAID webmail to your community
- FREE Version !
- Comprehensive AdminCP
- UNLIMITED user and domains
- Template System
- File Storage
- 5 Languages, translate to your own
- Powerful WYSIWYG editor
- Calendar & Event System
- Sticky Notes
- Access to external POP accounts
- Message Quickview and Quickreply
- Context Menu
- Login and Signup Feedback
- Focus on performance, stability and security

License type: Commercial
Date added: 4 years, 11 months ago | Last updated: 4 years, 7 months 2 days ago

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