PHP template engine with concise python like indentation forcing, autoclosing of tags. HAML-to-PHP is a (proprietary) PHP implementation of the HAML language which is a template system with a very expressive and concise syntax. Basically its a domain specific language for writing HTML including dynamic content. It compiles .haml to native .php code offering a maximum of performance. It is based on a minimalistic parser engine preventing lock in especially when customizing HAML's syntax and it is a library used in production.

Features of HAML-TO-PHP:
- proper HTML quoting and escaping always.
- Python like indentation: tags are closed when indentation decreases. This means HAML is always easy to read
- less to type
CSS like selectors such as .class_name or .id_value are enough to desrcibe a div element
opening and closing tags always match because you write %tag only instead of <tag></tag>.
- is so easy to write that it can replace the need for WYSIWYG editors such as FCK.

- PHP 5.0 or Higher

Software Price: $10

License type: Commercial
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