Greenwood PHP Content Manager 0.3.2

Greenwood PHP Content Manager

Greenwood is a minimalistic Wiki engine, developed for small to medium informational websites. Examples include home pages, course websites, or general Wiki's.

Unlike a general Wiki, pages are immutable by the public. Greenwood is a fork of PhpWiki that has been heavily modified and extended. It is geared toward using file-system storage, and has a Wiki syntax similar to MoinMoin.

Major features:
- Greenwood is fast. It exploits a small code base (less than 10,000 lines of PHP), and takes advantage of native-speed PHP routines (like regular expressions) wherever possible.
- Greenwood is geared for file-system storage. In many situations, you may not have access to a database, so filesystem storage may be your only option. However, this may be a security issue on some installations (see Limitations).
- Greenwood is easy to install. It depends only on PHP, which most web servers have installed already.
- Greenwood's HTML output conforms to W3C standards.

License type: GNU General Public License
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