GoCart 2.2.1

This is an easy to use online store solution based on CodeIgniter. It can be used from small to large stores, allowing the admin unrestricted and totally controllable access of his product catalog.

Features of GoCart:
- Unlimited categories
- Tiered categories with unlimited depth
- Editable category title and meta data
- Editable category content section
- WYSIWYG content editor
- Organized contained products with drag and drop

- Export newsletter subscriptions as CSV
- Export Customers as XML
- Group discounts
- Multiple address manager

- Homepage rotating banner and box manager
- Basic page and link manager
- WYSIWYG editor for page content
- Editable page title and Meta data

- WYSIWYG editable canned messages
- Sales tax support from national down to the zip code level
- Giftcard management
- Coupon management
- Basic sales reports
- Export Orders in XML

- Unlimited products
- Editable product title and meta data
- WYSIWYG editor for product description
- User friendly URLs
- Unlimited product images
- Unlimited product options
- Related item support

Shipping Methods:
- Flat rate
- Table rate
- USPS Domestic
- USPS International
- FedEx

Payment Methods:
- C.O.D.
- Authorize.net
- Paypal Express

Editable in Config:
- Charge tax on shipping or billing address
- Toggle tax on shipping rate
- Toggle login requirements for checkout
- Modify Order statuses and default status
- Modify currency symbol

What's new in this version:
Bug Fixes:
- Group percentage discounts were reversed.
- Coupons applied to individual items with percentage discounts were reversed.
- XML Order export was broken.
- XML Customer export was broken.
- Admin order notification system was broken.
- Location management was missing delete functions for Zones and Zone Areas.
- Order date search cut off the last date.
- Installation script added extra characters to the canned message for Gift Cards.
- Fixed a minor bug with HTML code being displayed in a forgot password email.

- GoCart can now be installed in a sub-directory.
- Rewriting URLs is now optional at the time of installation.
- If GoCart isn't installed, the user is automatically redirected to the Install script.

What's New in This Version:
- Fixed PHP syntax error in Go_cart.php library.

License type: CodeIgniter License
Date added: 4 years, 5 months 2 days ago | Last updated: 3 years, 2 months 8 days ago

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