GForge Advanced Server 8.6.1

GForge Advanced Server is an upgrade to the GForge Community Edition portal, with more features and performance for code developers and programming teams. It is completely redesigned and rewritten from scratch to make a modular, modern system that is easy to install and maintain.

Based on an object-oriented plugin architecture, it's also very easy to extend. Current major community websites running Gforce include Rubyforge and PGFoundry. A commercial license must be purchased if exceeding 15 installations.

Features of GForge Advanced Server:
- Edit trackers, or create new trackers, fields, and values in desired fields
- Edit 'roles' and 'Observer' settings to set permissions and access levels
- Add members to the project
- Plan releases
- Create tasks in the Task Manager and use MS Project to estimate ETA on completing them
- Start writing code and commit code linked to defined tasks
- Build and release code using the File Release System
- Log defects against the releases
- Commit changes and link the changes to the defects
- Workflow and Process Enforcement
- Permissions & Access Control
- Enhanced Personal Space
- Project Level Enhancements
- Tracker Enhancements
- Cruise Control - Build Automation
- Visual Studio Plugin
- Eclipse Plugin
- MS Project Plugin
- Subversion Integration

- PHP Accelerator
- GNU Mailman (for mailing list support)
- jabberd (for Jabber support)
- JPGraph (for Gantt charting and graphing support)

What's New in This Version:
- Pervasive Tagging is present throughout the system and search for all items by tags
- New preferences page in Project Admin to select/deselect tabs like Associations and Tags
- Source code indexing/search using doxygen and tsearch2
- Updated theme
- Captchas optional for user registration and forum creations
- New serial field type in tracker
- Quickjump menu is now AJAX to increase performance
- French, German, and Italian Translations updated
- Add Portuguese Brazilian Language support
- Add nss-pgsql support so create_users_group job can be removed. This affects CVS and SVN/GIT if using ssh support instead of DAV support.
- Full GIT plugin included by default

License type: Freeware
Date added: 4 years, 1 month 26 days ago | Last updated: 2 years, 10 months 4 days ago

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