Fusion News Management System 3.9.5

Fusion News Management System

Fusion News is a free, news publishing system which will allow you to easily and effortlessly publish news onto your website. Unlike the majority of other similar software which require you to build your website around the software, Fusion News is designed to be used with an existing website. This is achieved by requiring you to only copy and paste small block of code into your website, which is automatically generated by Fusion News. This code will then display the news on your website!

Features of Fusion News Management System:
- Posting
  . News preview
  . Short (introduction) and full (continued) news
  . Categories
  . Multiple category placement per news item
  . Edit news posts
  . BBCode
  . HTML in posts
  . Smileys
  . Image uploading
  . Word filter
- Users and Permissions
  . 3 different levels of user access/posting rights
  . Unlimited number of users
- Administration and Moderation
  . Restrict use of BBCode/Smileys/HTML in posts (individually)
  . Template editing
  . Ban by single IP or IP range
  . Customize smileys available (add/change/remove)
  . Manage uploaded images for posting
  . Customize look and feel of everything
  . Validate comments in any news item
  . User management
- Community and Interaction
  . News commenting system:
    CAPTCHA (visual confirmation)
    Comment pagination
    Word filter
    HTML in comments
    Comment-length restriction
    News editors' username protection
    Optional moderation queue
  . Tell a friend system
- News Publishing
  . Can be displayed anywhere
  . News pagination
  . Group news by day posted
  . Display news by category or categories
  . Display only headlines
  . News archive grouped by month of posting
  . Simple search facility for specific news items
  . RSS feeds
  . Per-category RSS feeds

What's New in This Release v3.9.5 Fusion News:
- Fixed bug in search function where HTML wasn't removed from the news properly.
- Fixed bug where new lines were not shown in news previews.
- Fixed bug where the successful login page shows you are not logged in.
- Fixed problem with comments not being correctly formatted in manage comments page.
- Fixed bug with set_magic_quotes_runtime and PHP 5.3.
- Fixed security hole in delete uploads page which allowed any file to be deleted.
- Fixed javascript bug with inserting BBCode/smiley and positioning the caret.
- Fixed bug in send.php which allowed users to send emails for a non-existant news item.
- Fixed problem with timezones in PHP versions >= 5.10
- Added a simple search option to search.php.
- Added validation rules for config settings.
- Added a custom number of headlines can now be set per inclusion.
- Added a number of new settings that can be applied to news and headlines inclusions.
- Improved user selection menu.
- Improved news syndication page.
- Improved category selection menu to use checkboxes.
- Replaced some code to use native PHP functions instead.
- Changed MIME type for rss.php to application/xml+rss. This may cause some web browsers to download the rss file instead of displaying it.
- For posts whose writers no longer exist, their username will be shown in place of their display name.
- Removed comment validation for comments made by news reporters.
- Code optimisations

License type: GPL
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 12 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 5 months 12 days ago

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