Fast Secure Contact Form - WordPress Plugin

Fast Secure Contact Form - WordPress Plugin

Fast Secure Contact Form is a WordPress plugin to create secure contact form to embed in pages. This contact form lets your visitors send you a quick E-mail message. Blocks all common spammer tactics. Spam is no longer a problem. Includes a CAPTCHA and Akismet support. Additionally, the plugin has a multi-form feature, optional extra fields, and an option to redirect visitors to any URL after the message is sent. Super customizable. it to the wp-content/plugins/directory. Active the plugin through the 'Plugin' menu in WordPress.

Features of Fast Secure Contact Form for WordPress Plugin:
- Super easy customizable Options from Admin settings page.
- Multi-Form feature that allows you to have as many different forms as you need. 
- Optional extra fields of any type: text, textarea, checkbox, checkbox-multiple, radio, select, select-multiple, attachment, date, time, hidden, password, fieldset(box). 
- File attachments are supported, see here for details:
- Backup/restore tool. You can backup/restore all your forms or single forms and settings.
- Easy to hide subject and message fields for use as a newsletter signup.
- Supports sending mail to multiple departments.
- Optional - redirect to any URL after message sent.
- Optional - posted data can be sent as a query string on the redirect URL. 
- Optional - autoresponder E-mail message.
- Valid coding for HTML, XHTML, HTML STRICT, Section 508, and WAI Accessibility.
- Uses simple inline error messages.
- Reloads form data and warns user if user forgets to fill out a field.
- Validates syntax of E-mail address.
- CAPTCHA can be turned off or hidden from logged in users and or admins.
- Multi "E-mail to" contact support.
- Auto form fill for logged in users.
- Customizable form field titles.
- Customizable CSS style.
- Sends E-mail with UTF-8 character encoding for US and International character support.
- Pre-fill in form fields from a URL query string. 
- Save emails to the WordPress database, or export to CSV or Excel. 
- I18n language translation support. 

- Works with Wordpress 2.8+, WPMU, and BuddyPress (Wordpress 3.0+ is highly recommended)
- PHP 5.0 or Higher
- PHP register_globals and safe_mode should be set to "Off".

License type: GPL
Date added: 5 years, 1 month 22 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 1 month 20 days ago

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