EZ Templater 1.0

EZ Templater

EZ Templater is based on MySQL database for the storage of dynamic webpages, you can fetch information from your MySQL database and echo it. This method allows you to use One file to display any information from a MySql Database. The benefit of this PHP Template is that changing templates is as easy as changing one file. You must have ability to use .htaccess and have the Apache Mod-rewrite engine installed. Updates are done using phpmyadmin or a similar third party program.

Advantages of EZ Templater:
- Links have the hook , a file and 2 variable selectors
- The file must exist in your template folder
- The database row must contain the values you specified as variable selectors in your URL
- If you include a file that has an included file in it you must specify from the calling file's location.
- I use this tag in the document head <base href="http://your-site.com/" /> Now all src and href attributes have
that prefix appended to it. (this template is a linking nightmare without it)

License type: Freeware
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