ExTemplates Library 0.5.0

ExTemplates Library

ExTemplates is an EXtensible Templates library for PHP. As a PHP template libraries, it provides all necessary functionality for separating PHP logic of an application from a visual representation of the data. The feature for a simple method to add your own controls to the template differs it from other template libraries. It is also an object-oriented library.

Features of the ExTemplates:
- Object-oriented. The Library itself is the set of classes that encapsulates the different aspects of the library functionality, e.g. loading, building and caching.
- Easy for use. Because of the object-oriented structure of the code you only need to know few methods and properties for effective work.
- Only necessary methods and code. The core functionality of the template library is encapsulated in few main classes and you may use only necessary of them. All extended functionality are formed as classes and may be easy included or excluded from the project.
- Easy Extensible. To extend the template library you only need to create a class that realizes the "render()" function and include it to a page that uses it.
- Fast. The template library is fast itself, but the time of creating object model of large templates may be easy improved by using caching of parsed templates. Currently, the filesystem may be used for caching.

License type: Freeware
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