Exponent CMS 2.2.0

Exponent CMS

Exponent is a fully-featured, modern CMS written in PHP, that enables non-technical people to manage and update their websites with minimal effort. Exponent is also an attractive development platform for traditional and non-traditional web applications.

- Apache 1.3, 2.0, or 2.2
- PHP 4.4 or later (PHP 5.2 or later strongly recommended) with safe mode disabled.
- PHP GD Image Library extension.
- MySQL 4.1.22 (MySQL 5.0 or later recommended)

Current Modules in Exponent CMS:
- Content Modules
. Text module: The standard module for webpage content, can be editing using one of a few WYSIWYG editors, or directly in HTML. Easily embed images, tables or links to files.
. Weblog module: Easily generate blog entries and displays in typical format.
. News module: Make news entries, manage their display, show headlines and teasers etc.
. Form Builder module: Create online forms for website visitor input.
. File manager module: Manages the upload of files to the website, and facilitates the creation of links in other content modules.
. Image manager module: Manages the upload of image files to the website, and displays them for easy inclusion in other content modules.
. Inbox module: Allows for private messaging amongst users of the website.
. Addressbook module: Manages contact information for all users of a website.
. Calendar module: Allows for collaborative scheduling amongst users, with color coded events.
. Forum module: Full-fledged forum functionality.
- Management Modules
. Administration module: Manage users, themes, modules, and priviledges site wide.
. Website management module: Manage website page layout and menus, include and exclude content, and manage pagesets.

License type: GPL
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