epesi BIM 1.5.2

epesi BIM

Epesi BIM is a free Open Source PHP CRM and framework for building dynamic web applications. BIM stands for Business Information Manager. The project is designed to store, organize, link and share information between people within a single business or organization. Epesi has a modular design and can be easily customized and modified to match your processes and workflow. It was created using epesi framework - a collection of libraries and modules that allow rapid development of new modules.

Featurs of epesi BIM:
- Dashboard
- CRM Companies (addressbook of companies)
- CRM Contacts (addressbook of individuals)
- Shared Calendar
- Shared Task List (To Do)
- Phone Calls Log
- Projects
- Tickets
- Notes and Files (Document Management)
- Roundcube IMAP e-mail client
- Exclusive Click2Fill form filling
- Unique Watchdog module monitoring record changes

- Server with Linux, Windows or any other operating system configured already to serve web pages (HTTP). We develop and test epesi on Windows, Linux and OS X with IIS and Apache or other http server configured with PHP support.
- PHP 5.1.3 or Higher (recommended 5.2.2 or newer, because of memory leak in OB functions set in previous PHP versions)
- PEAR installed with valid include_path in PHP config.ini
- MySQL 4.0 or Higher or PostgreSQL 7 database

What's New in This Version:
- Improved styles and interface
- RTL support
- Fixes for password recovery mechanism
- RecordBrowser - advanced permissions editor
- Notes - filter and search added
- Simple maintenance tools added
- Multiple minor bug fixes

License type: MIT License
Date added: 5 years, 4 months 28 days ago | Last updated: 2 years, 10 months 25 days ago

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