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Enano CMS

Enano is a relatively lightweight "hybrid" CMS that focuses on being fast, secure and extendable. The fact that it is a hybrid CMS means that it can act as a CMS or a wiki, or both at the same time - and Enano does it all in AJAX dramatic fashion.

Features of Enano CMS:
- No-nonsense administration: Many CMSes organize their administration interfaces using drop-down menus or icons. Enano's administration menu has less than 20 sections, and all of them are well-organized so you can quickly find what you're looking for.
- Forget hunting through the manual: Most options in the administration panel are fully explained right on the page. We believe this is a better way to explain a button's function because you don't have to search for the answer in the documentation. With Enano, help is always at your fingertips.
- Set it up, fast: We think Enano's installer is one of the smartest around. The Enano installation wizard is heavily optimized for easy keyboard navigation, fast verification of database options, and of course a reliable installation.
- Full user management: The session manager in Enano is designed to provide a simple security model that is friendly to developers.
- Add features easily: Since the first beta released in September 2006, Enano provides support for plugins that can add features or replace existing major subsystems. For the casual administrator, this means that you can change and enhance your site without modifying and patching Enano system files, making upgrades a snap. For developers, this means setting up plugins is as easy as writing a single PHP file and enabling the plugin in the administration panel.
- Released early, released often: New versions of Enano are released regularly, so when bugs or security problems are found, fixes are available quickly.
- Take feedback: Users can leave comments on articles using an extremely streamlined AJAX-based flat style discussion system. And you can include wiki-formatted text and smilies in comments. Visual confirmation powered by freeCap ensures that you don't have to deal with spam.
- Speaking of AJAX...: Most other Enano functionality uses AJAX too! Editing, renaming, restoring, and deleting pages are all possible using the on-page AJAX controls. For users with older browsers, most Enano functionality is also implemented using HTML forms, so users with legacy browsers can still use your site.
- Fully skinnable: Enano supports templates and swappable CSS files, so you can design themes and include alternate layouts or color schemes. You can also embed PHP code into most templates, allowing custom logic and plugin-like functionality.

License type: GNU General Public License
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