DoChatter live support software empowers you to track and chat with your guests as they browse your website in realtime:

- Advanced support for multiple operators means that you always know which operator answered a chat request and who else contributed to the discussion.
- Advanced support for multiple departments lets you split your website into sections and then assign operators to those sections based upon their unique skill sets with a built-in personnel roster.
- Access a wealth of information about your guests: including referrer, time on site, pages browsed and for how long, previous chat activity and time since last visit.
- Automatically invite your guests to chat based upon number of webpages browsed, total time spent on site, number of chats held in the past or autoinvite at random.
- Instant messenger-like chat updates in realtime, lets you switch between guests from a single interface and alerts you of new messages that you haven't yet read.
- Access full chat logs from your archive.

Visit our website to view a live demo and download a free 7 day trial.

License type: Commercial
Date added: 4 years, 10 days ago | Last updated: 3 years, 8 months 11 days ago

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