Diem Content Management Framework 5.1.3

Diem Content Management Framework

Diem Content Management Framework is an open source CMS & CMF build on Symfony + Zend Framework + jQuery, designed to provide a user-friendly CMF (Content Management Framework) which will allow you to build common-case scenarios swiftly and without effort. While nothing is predefined in Diem (you start with an empty project just as you do with symfony), it comes bundled with a stellar set of features and offers download-able plugins that will ease your life and make development faster.

As a framework:
- Diem is flexible. There is no preinstalled stuff ( blog, comments... ): the project starts empty.
- The developer creates its own modules by declaring them in configuration files.
- Then Diem generates a code which is 100% specific to the site's needs.

As a CMS:
- Diem packages many site-independant features in a clean user interface.
- Most of the common problems a web developer has to face up are made easy.

What does Diem offer over Symfony:
- Complete administration interface, with bundled logging and statistics features
- Markdown / CKEditor ready for use
- Efficient Search Engine Optimization through an intuitive JavaScript interface
- Automatic search engine powered by Zend Lucene
- Drag&drop based media library with gallery capabilities
- Developer tools: Project browser, code editors, and even an AJAX Unix console!

- Symfony 1.4 or Higher
- Zend Framework 1.9 or Higher
- Run on a Unix server with Apache2
- PHP 5.2.4 or PHP 5.3.0 or Higher

License type: MIT License
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