Crown of Evanion

Crown of Evanion is a PHP web game, in which you are allowed to raise your very own baby dragon, and then go on an epic journey to become the king of Evanion. Battle other players, trade items, horde wealth, and become the most powerful entity in all the land.

When a user registers, they are granted one Dragon Egg, 40 moneys, and one rusty sword. The user's toughness, strenght, and mana will be determined by the stats they input at registration. The dragon egg will take one hour to hatch, but when it does the user is granted one baby Dragon. The abilities of the baby are quite limited. It can only scratch smaller critters, and is vulnerable to most attacks.

After about a week, the Dragon will grow a bit. Due to it's increase in size, it will become stronger, a little tougher, and be able to bite. After two weeks, the Dragon's size doubbles, and it grows spiney things on it's back and tail. The dragons strength and toughness will become greater, again, and it will be able to swipe people with it's tail.

After one moon cycle (30 days), the Dragon will breath a weak fire. It will also have grown more, increasing strenght and toughness, and be large enough to carry 50 unks. Meaning, the Dragon can carry their humans, and a bit of equipment. Or, the dragon can ferry equipment about, without the human. The Dragon's fire will also become a strong blaze.

From now on, the Dragon will gain +2 to each stat per week. Also, the user will get 4+ mana per week. The user will also now be able to cast spells, depending on what scrolls he buys/finds. Dragons will be able to attack other dragons with the attacks they gain. The user can attack a Dragon with a weapon or magic. The user's magic can also be used to defend their Dragon / Allied Dragon.

To explore the world, the user will need to be able to fly on the dragon. If they need something from another city, but they cannot ride yet, they can send the Dragon alone, with instructions on what to buy.

License type: GPL
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