cPdfWriter 0.2.2


PHP5 script for exporting PDF documents based on FPDF and other related scripts.cPdfWriter is a free PHP PDF project. This is LGPL software. A lot of things were adjusted and many more options were included/adapted.

Functions of the project cPdfWriter:
- Transparencies (help from Martin Hall-May),
- Gradient fills (help from Andreas Würmser),
- Image fills,
- Polygons,
- Ellipses (help from David Hernández Sanz),
- PieSlices,
- DoughnutSlices,
- GIF Images in addition to JPG and PNG (help from Xavier Nicolay) and…
- also now you don’t have to worry about the “Alpha channel not supported” or “Interlacing not supported” PNG errors, I dealt with that (alpha is turned to white and interlacing is canceled), optimized it so it uses a much smaller amount of memory (help from Philip Clarke),
- dashes,
- and many other things.

License type: LGPL
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