CMSimple LE 3.4

CMSimple LE

CMSimple LE is a content management system primarily designed for easy creation and maintenace of small commercial sites, or sites fo associations and individual.

Features of CMSiple LE:
- Easy installation
- Compatible with major browsers on Windows, Linux and MacOS
- The CMS script is less than 100 KB
- Template driven layout using a css script
- The contents of the site is stored in a single HTML-file, no database is needed
- Many languages available (both for the user and for site maintenance)
- Written in PHP - it runs on Linux/Apache servers, or on Win32 with Apache or IIS
- Inbuilt WYSIWYG editor (both on IE and Mozilla) - or other alternative editors
- Uploading of images and files
- Link validation
- Search function
- Print version option
- User downloads from their HTML content file
- Simple mailform included
- Easy setup of multi language sites
- PHP-scripting may be included within the content (named CMSimple Scripting)
- Integration with 3rd party scripts possible (using CMSimple scripting)
- Online editing of system configuration
- wwwaut login available
- Automatic backup on logout

- PHP 4.0.4 or Higher
- Need a server or a webhotel
- On your local computer, you'll need a ftp-program that allows you to upload files and to adjust the permissions for read/write of the files and folders of CMSimple LE, and a web browser to visit your site.

License type: GPLv3
Date added: 4 years, 9 months 6 days ago | Last updated: 4 years, 9 months 6 days ago

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