CMS-IDE Visual CMS 1.2


When I say IDE, that means that this software is something that can and will be used for more than just adding content to your site! It can be used also for designing your site directly in the browser, there will be no need for creating and knowing HTML code,

since it will all be done when you create your templates and/or pages with just a few mouse clicks.This software uses and relies very much on jQuery library and javascript,and everything in it is "AJAX to be" enabled...

Features of CMS-IDE Visual CMS:
- Visually create the templates with drag and drop, without knowing html, css or javascript
- Create as many templates as you want, you can have 1000 templates (or variations of the template ), if you wish, for 1000 pages
- Multilanguage admin panel, and multilanguage sites by default - translation of the content extremely easy, if you have english page on the screen just change the language and the page of the language that you choose loads and is ready to be translated
- Multisite with one application installation, need to copy only public folder to doc.root,(you may use different db or the same db for all sites), and configure in config file
- Admin url configurable, you may set it to , or or
- Urls SEO ready, title of the page can be the url
- User management with Access control
- Category management
- Forms management and creation of the new forms
- Menu management
- Images management, and active use in the design of the site
- Css and javascript can be written in the admin panel, every administrator user can have his own templates, pages , css and js code
- Modules and blocks development is only a matter of writing a controller with Zend Framework , following couple of rules
- xHTML by default, W3C standards easy
- Open Source

For the installation:
- php5
- mysql5
- apache web server
- zlib library
- file limit 8M

For the application:
- php5 (pdo_mysql or mysqli extansion enabled)
- mysql5
- apache web server (mod_rewrite enabled)

License type: LGPL
Date added: 4 years, 4 months 3 days ago | Last updated: 4 years, 4 months 3 days ago

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