Clansuite 0.2.2

Clansuite is a PHP content management system especially designed for e-sports teams. It's designed to effectively manage and administrate team-ressources, people, processes and information on the web, while (hopefully) driving better competitive results.

Because of it's modular design approach, it could be used by everyone demanding a feature-rich and easy to maintain content management system. It can also be used for "real-life" sports teams, associations, personal webpages, gaming clans or business websites.

Features of Clansuite:
- "SALT"ed password hashes for every useraccount - no possibility to decrypt neither the cookies hash nor the database hash!
- Define userrights for every action in admin control center or frontpage.
- Derived userrights from areas / groups / users.
- Extra inputfilter class to ensure validity of incoming variables.
- Precise logging of every step - admin contact on possible hacking attempts.

- API that fully supports Web 2.0 Ajax technology.
- Effect Libraries like mootools, etc.
- SmartyAjax and Protoype supported.

- Template Engine with maximum flexibility.

- Editable, auto-installable themes. Support for main- and modulethemes.
- Admin interface (control center) completely styleable.
- Themeswitching by User

Languages / Localized messages:
- Clansuite uses gettext() based on current locale settings to display messages.
- Multiple languages (i18n) are supported. Translations via an international translators website.
- Powerful language editor.

- Advanced permission and user management (Groups, Areas, Single user rights)
- Flexible integration into SMARTY
- Combined with admin interfaces and menus

- Easy installation via one file (webinstaller) that downloads all necessary modules/files
- "Step by Step" installation to offer a very easy way to install Clansuite

- News with Archive / Blog
- Shoutbox
- Guestbook per Site and per User
- Forum (Bulletin Board Style)
- Matches (automatic synchronisation with your league stats)
- Gallery
- Gameserver-Viewer (instant query)
- Awards
- Teamspeak2, Mumble, Ventrilo Viewer
- Calendar
- Static Pages Creator

License type: GPL
Date added: 3 years, 10 months 13 days ago | Last updated: 3 years, 10 months 11 days ago

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