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CAHAYA CMS is an open source management system developed by S-Media building on Zend Framework, with the aim of making building websites extremely easy. Nevertheless it is still flexible and has an enormous expanding potential.

Features of CAHAYA CMS:
- Users: With CAHAYA CMS you can make changes to your website and see them immediately. Page editing is as easy as simply dragging and dropping elements to the page.
- Designers: Don't be stuck with templating system with which you can install a theme in seconds but then you are modifying it for hours. CAHAYA CMS has a templating system that is very easy to understand and very simple to operate. It is designed to be as flexible as possible. It provides you with ability to make page templates and block templates so you can later reuse the work you already did.
- Developers: CAHAYA CMS provides a great platform to develop all sorts of extensions. Its modular approach allows for the development or integration of your custom modules with almost no effort at all.

License type: Freeware
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