BrowserCRM 5.100.01


Browser CRM is a browser-based customer acquisition and management application. It provides customer management features including email, file management, tasks, opportunities, calendaring and web site integration accessible anytime, anywhere from any web browser.

This PHP CRM Software is widely deployed in small businesses typically with 5 to 250 users in diverse industries in services, retail and manufacturing. Browser CRM Limited is based in Wellington, New Zealand has a global customer base with customers in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Features of Browser CRM:
- Access your data anytime, anywhere
Login to your customer and business data from your favorite web browser - no user software to install. Browser CRM instantly enables anytime, anywhere access to your database for staff, telecommuters, telemarketers and branch offices and gives you full access to up-to-date data while on the move.
- Centralize your data
Your corporate data is centralized in your BrowserCRM database instead of spread across multiple applications and individual desktop machines so you and your employees always access the latest, real-time data.
- Choose how you deploy
Install the Server Edition on your own server or ISP, or use Browser CRM Hosted which is completely managed by us.
- Smart new technology
Our technology platform means costs are substantially lower than for similar products from major vendors based on legacy or enterprise technology.
- Customize for each user
Customize and personalize preferences, menus and data access permissions for each user.
- Multi-user functionality
Data sharing between users including a shared email inbox to share email workload, full logging per user and record status per user.
- Generate customer leads from your website
Capture data from your website forms directly into BrowserCRM so you can provide faster response to customers and increase sales.
- Scale as your business grows
The technology platform will scale easily and user-based licensing means you can increase your software capability as your business grows.
- Extend functionality
The customizable modular structure of BrowserCRM can be extended to meet your specific requirements to web-enable all your business processes.

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