Banana Dance B.2.6

Banana Dance by Ascad Networks, is an Open Source PHP/MySQL based program. It is desiged to combine the simplicity of wiki-publishing software with the versatiliy of a CMS. The program also promotes community-building through organized and user-rated commenting features.

Highly flexible with theme-integration and extension availability Banana Dance can be used for all types of purposes, whether it be to create an entire website, a product owner's manual, or an "article"-posting site.

Features of Banana Dance:
- A program the takes the concept of a wiki and runs with it, adding elements of a CMS and community building software.
- Wiki/CMS Combination
Create categorized articles.
Custom settings on all articles.
Compose webpages with a simplified wiki-style design, or use full HTML.
SEO-friendly publishing.
Easy and accurate article searching.
- Community Building
Easy user registration with custom fields.
Customizable user types with unique commenting, article creation, and administrative privileges.
jQuery-heavy code for less reloading and more dynamic content loading.
- Commenting
Threading for logically laid out comments and replies.
Rated comments based on upvote/downvote score. Hide comments under a specific rating.
"Comment Types" to logically organize and classify comments.
Option to require approval of comments for specific user types.
Limit who can comment and on which articles they can comment.
- Website Integration
Preset themes for easy layout selection.
For more control, easily customization of HTML templates and CSS.
Create custom email notifications and templates.
Numerous uses: Build and manage entire websites (like this one!), create product owner's manuals (like ppSD2 did), or create "article posting/commenting" style websites.
Caching: Smart caching system to ease database loads on high-access websites.

- PHP 5.0 or Higher
- MySQL 5.0 or Higher
- Apacha server should work on all servers that support PHP

License type: GPL
Date added: 4 years, 8 months ago | Last updated: 2 years, 3 months 9 days ago

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