B2BSuite 1.0.1


B2BSuite is a complete suite for Oscommerce (e-commerce solution) for Business to Business ( B2B ) or/and fidelity your Business to client ( B2C ). There are several script automation for easy manage price and products of your website.

Features of B2BSuite:
- Complete Business to business solution,
- Can work as a discount OR markup mode,
- Customers can be associated to group,
- Assign a percentage of group,
- Assign a percentage of categories into every group,
- Manual prices for group for every product, possible,
- Automatic markup (+) / discount (-),
- % or manually pricing stored to db,
- Assign a specific price per group for single product,
- re-generation price for every product / group customers,
- Assign a special price (percentage or specific price) as normal osc,
- Can work with product values,
- Price can be hidden from non registered users,
- Price update for fast change and manage price of all groups,
- Payments allowed for every group, can be assigned from admin,
- Member of b2b can be approved or not by admin,
- For every group can be assigned specif color for highlit in orders screen,
- New layout of categories.php,
- Price can be show with or without tax for every group.

License type: GNU General Public License
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