b1gMail 7.2


b1gMail is an all-in-one solution to start your own email service! It does not require a root server and runs fine in shared hosting environments (e.g. cpanel / Plesk).

Features of b1gMail:
- Webbased email with folders, intelligent folders, filters, autoresponder, HTML mails, attachments, WYSIWYG editor, S/MIME, signatures, thread/conversation view and more
- Ability to add signatures / advertisements to outgoing emails
- User-customizable start page (Dashboard)
- Online harddisk (Webdisk) with Drag&Drop, ZIP support, WebDAV access etc
- Addressbook
- Calendar
- Todo list
- Plugin interface
- Great administrator control panel (ACP) with user and group management, tools, plugin manager, statistics, preferences, online update and more
- Many free community plugins available
- Includes Windows/MacOS client software (Mailchecker) with your own branding
- Runs great shared webspace (e.g. cpanel and Plesk based hosts)
- Root-server owners can provide SMTP/POP3 access to their users with free b1gMailServer Standard addon
- Addons for paid subscription plans, Fax support and IMAP server available
- Smarty template engine
- Language file support
- Now available in English!

License type: Commercial
Date added: 4 years, 4 months 26 days ago | Last updated: 4 years, 4 months 19 days ago

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