ARIZA - Bug/Request Tracking Tool 0.9.5

ARIZA - Bug/Request Tracking Tool

ARIZA is a bug/request tracking tool coded with PHP in an AJAX approach. It works with favorite DBMS such as PostgreSQL and MySQL. It is being distributed under GPL licence. It is free (as in beer) and free (as in speech) and open source.

Features of ARIZA - Bug/Request Tracking Tool:
- Multi language support
- Theme support with Smarty
- Multi platform support -windows and linux
- All styling with CSS
- Web standards compliance: XHMTL & CSS
- Work with favorite DBMS such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc.
- User Authentication
- AJAX design and approach

Functions of ARIZA:
- bug tracking
- call tracking
- collecting suggestions/features
- work tracking
- sharing work to be done in colloboration
- assign bugs/jobs on your staff

- PHP version 4.2 or greater
- MySQL version 3.23.23 or greater
- PEAR (not really required-comes bundled)

License type: GNU General Public License
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