Ariadne 2.7.3


Ariadne is a Web Application Framework and Content Management System built with PHP. It allows you to build complex Web applications and sites with ease.

It takes care of the mundane stuff like internationalization, security, user management, templating, data retrieval and storage, caching, and site management. It stores content in a structured object store that can be accessed through an extensive filesystem-like API.

Features of Ariadne:
- Intuïtive user interface
Ariadne mimicks the way a file browser works, no need to learn a new user interface. It uses easy to understand wizards for data entry and configuration.
- Complete solution
Ariadne includes everything you need to create and host one or thousands of websites, or create a complete intranet or DMS system.
- Built-in natural language support system (nls)
Ariadne supports sites with multiple languages out of the box. The ariadne UI has been translated into the most common languages.
- Scalable
Ariadne has been designed to be fast, from a few thousand objects to a few million, Ariadne can handle it.
- Flexible
Ariadne has a very modular and object oriented design. It can serve any kind of content, act as an FTP server or WEBDAV server, connect to LDAP servers or external relational databases.
- Re-usable
Create re-usable code and content through modules, libraries, custom content classes, etc.
- Stable
Ariadne has been in use at many large websites since 1999, without any serious problems.
- Secure
There have been no serious security incidents with Ariadne ever. Ariadne has a novel internal security model which makes most of the security attacks used on other CMS systems impossible on Ariadne.
- Open
Ariadne has built-in support for LDAP, WEBDAV, FTP, SOAP, XML-RPX, XML, WDDX and much more. And ofcourse all this is Open Source, so you get all the source and the right to change anything.

License type: GPL
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