ADOdb Database Library for PHP 5.11

ADOdb Database Library for PHP

ADOdb Database Library for PHP is a PHP4 and PHP5 database abstraction library. Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase/Firebird, Oracle (Oci8), MS SQL 7, ADO, Foxpro, Access, Sybase, Sybase SQL Anywhere, DB2, Informix, Frontbase, SQLite, LDAP, Netezza, SAPDB, generic ODBC/ODBTP, PDO etc. It is an OpenSouce PHP database project. ADOdb provides code to handle inserts and updates that can be adapted to multiple databases quickly.

A basic paginated grid is also provided, and support for database-backed session variables. Support for PHP5 iterators and exceptions included. Methods are provided for date handling, string concatenation and string quoting characters for differing databases. A metatype system is built in so that you can figure out that types such as CHAR, TEXT and STRING are equivalent in different databases. Able to create databases, tables, indexes portably using an xml schema or programatically. Also has sql performance monitoring and schema creation using XML.

Features of ADOdb Database Library for PHP:
- Designed for speed. It is probably the fastest open source database abstraction library available for PHP. See benchmarks.
- Provides extensive portability support such as date and type-handling and portable schema creation. See portable sql tips
- Support many enterprise features such as database backed sessions (with session expiry notification), SQL code generation, pivot tables, SELECT LIMIT emulation for all databases, performance monitoring.
- Easy to learn, especially if you have Window's programming experience, as it uses many ADO conventions.
- Extensive QA, every release is unit-tested on Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle 11g.
- Mature, continiously developed since August 2000. Has a large community of users.
- Powerful Active Record support. See docs.
- Very reasonable licensing terms (BSD). This means that you can incorporate (and even compile) it into your software applications royalty-free without asking the author's permission, provided you include license.txt in your release.

PHP 5.0 or later

- Unpack files into a directory.
- Try the above sample code, adjusting the connection parameters to suit your database server, and modify the sql to match your tables.

License type: BSD,LGPL
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