Acorn Aid Help Desk 1.1.1

From experience email accounts can be unmanageable for businesses and many help desk or customer support solutions are either too complex or costly.With that experience Acorn Aid was born to offer businesses and customers a clean, simple and manageable solution to collaborate.With Acorn Aid you will get a easy to use customer support solution with a host of features to enable your business to successfully manage your customers enquiries.

Features of Acorn Aid :
- Categorise tickets into groups to organise tickets and assign agents to groups to manage tickets.
- Agents are help desk members who can manage tickets. Agents can be assigned to groups to ensure the most effective ticket management.
- Pass tickets between groups and agents to ensure tickets are assigned to the correct groups.
- Customisable priorities can be made to allow agents and customers to select the importance of an ticket.
- Private notes can be added to a tickets diary and passed between agents without the customers seeing the note.
- A knowledge base can be enabled and articles can be added to answer frequently asked questions and avoid repeat tickets.
- Common replies can be saved as canned replies to save time.
- Submit and update tickets by email by adding IMAP/POP email accounts to Acorn Aid.
- Customisable email notifications to customers to suit your business requirements
- Edit multiple tickets group, priority, agent and status in one go.
- Search for tickets by multiple fields or filter tickets to focus on a bespoke criteria.
- Run reports to show ticket history, tickets per group, agent summary, or source summary.

License type: Free
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