Achievo 1.4.5


Achievo is a flexible web-based PHP resource management tool for business environments to enable every organisations to support their business processes in a simple, but effective manner. Achievo should be a solution that fits seamlessly to the wishes of every organisation and offers the possiblity and freedom to adapt the functionality to the needs of the organisation.

Features of Achievo:
- Project management: This part includes management of projects, phases, tasks, notes, statistics, planning, members en project templates.
- Human Resource Management: At the HRM section, the management of employees and employee-contracts reside. Contract hours and security-profiles can also be handled here.
- Time registration: The time-registration part is the part where employees can register time on project/phase/activity combinations. This includes daily registration or weekly registration, hour reporting and blocking of time periods.

Important Conceptions of Achievo:
- Totally web-based system
- Based on system independent cutting edge technology
- Completely adaptable to your own organisation
- No licensefees or other limitations on use of the software
- All source-code of the software is available
- Makes use of open standards and protocols.

License type: GPL
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