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  1. LabWiki
    1854 total visits
    LabWiki is a simple, XHTML/CSS standard-compliant, wiki software written in PHP. It uses plain text files for storing data (instead of a database such as MySQL). The wiki is easy to setup, use and customize. Among its features are auto-backups of previous versions of a page, backup trimming, restoring from backups, IP-based and/or login-based editing restriction, password protection of pages, ...
  2. Wikiwig
    2050 total visits
    Wikiwig is as free wiki with wysiwyg feature so it is very easy to create well formatted pages ( bold, italic, links, images, attached documentsooo): a rich text-editor loaded in the Web browser (compatible with IE5o5+, mozilla 1o3+, and firefox) will do the job for youo Its name is Xinha, a free open source project toooMain Features of Wikiwig:- Easy ...
  3. DokuWiki
    2359 total visits
    DokuWiki is a standards compliant, simple to use Wiki, mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind. Its powerful syntax makes sure the datafiles remain readable outside the Wiki. Installation- Download the newest release.- Read the security page before you begin installing. Take it seriously.- Unpack the distribution tarball and upload/copy the files to your webspace.- Open the install.php in ...
  4. No Screenshot
    1525 total visits
    MindTouch is an enterprise wiki and collaborative portal. Easily connect people, systems, web services, and Web 2.0 applications for enterprise automation, mashups and superlative wiki collaboration. RESTful wiki, Services wiki (WOA), Programmable wiki. MindTouch assembles your organization's genius into strategic content. Using MindTouch for your strategic content you can increase customer acquisition, decrease customer retention costs and enhance your product ...
  5. SoloWiki
    1864 total visits
    SoloWiki is a stand-alone editor using Mediawiki markup language to generate HTML code. Some Mediawiki users may find useful to edit and preview text while offline. SoloWiki was created to help them: after typing a text using Mediawiki markup, it is possible to preview it as HTML.
  6. Semantic Media Wiki Ontology Editor
    1941 total visits
    The SMW OntologyEditor is an extension of SemanticMediaWiki and has been developed as part of the ACTIVE project in order to enable the development of lightweight ontologies and to provide knowledge repair algorithms.
  7. ATUIN
    1696 total visits
    ATUIN (Atuin the unique innovation network) is a wiki-inspired collaboration platform for creating a problem-solution network written in PHP (implementing the Zend Framework) using XML/RDF files.
  8. Wiki Web Help
    1565 total visits
    Wiki Web Help is an AJAX-based wiki system designed to operate like a CHM viewer. It is a recommended solution for project development, help files, customer support, and more. Wiki Web Help wants to create as much of a smoother interface and user experience when creating and editing wiki pages. Features of Wiki Web Help:- Wiki-like syntax- Lightweight in size- ...
  9. TemaTres
    1940 total visits
    TemaTres, a web application for management formal representations of knowledge, like controlled vocabularies, taxonomies and thesauri / Aplicaci.Features of TemaTres:- User management- Terms and user supervision- Statistical summaryQuality Assurance Functions of TemaTres:- Ilegal relations between terms- Duplicates terms control- Free terms control
  10. Glossword
    2779 total visits
    Glossword is a system to create and publish online multilingual dictionary, glossary, or encyclopedia. Suits for creating web sites also. WAMP [Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP] package is available.
  11. Sciret
    1275 total visits
    Sciret is a advanced knowledge based system. The KB is designed to work also embedded in other software as example in portals. The next generation of Sciret support as example REST, RSS and other features.
  12. DwExport
    2069 total visits
    Export DokuWiki into static HTML pages including images and CSS formating.Features of DwExport:- Relink all internal links to local files- Download linked pages recursively- Download linked images and CSS formats- Download images linked from CSS files
  13. WackoWiki
    1794 total visits
    WackoWiki is a slight and easy to install multilingual Wiki-engine which is compatible with MySQL, PDO MySQL and MySQLi. Features of WackoWiki:- Supports WYTIWYG-editing- Page rights (ACLs)- Design themes (skins)- File upload- Email notification Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Removed legacy code.- Fixed a number of localization issues.- Minor fixes.
  14. No Screenshot
    1538 total visits
    Ratawiki is a wiki engine that works without a database. It's fast, reliable, standards-compliant and highly customizable. URLs are query string-free, which makes it search engine-friendly. Requirements:- Apache - PHP5
  15. Wiking CMS
    2022 total visits
    WikingCMS is a revolutionary PHP-based software for creating wikis. The project adds many Web 2.0 functionalities with the wiki, such as tagging, AJAX, social exchange, trackbacks, API, visual editor... Change to way we use Internet by using Wiking!
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