PHP Website traffic statistics

Free and open source PHP Web Traffic Analysis Projecs. These projects enables you to track and analyze all of your site visitors, even all visiting searchengine robots.
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    1883 total visits
    vStats is a php/mysql based website counter. It collects statistics about the visitors' (user or robot) browser, os and the country they are from. vStats keeps also track of the time and date of the visit and the referred website.
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    1741 total visits
    phpHamLog, amateur radio log program written in PHP. Put your log online for visitors to browse in real time. Access your log from any web browser.Work is also planned for contest logging and enhanced entry ease.
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    2171 total visits
    Really Coding Traffic Statistics is a Statistics program where you can see who has visit your site.
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    1959 total visits
    With TrafficCenter, it is enable to swap your traffic. Trade banner, popups, textlinks, frame, email, homepage caller and welcome page with other.
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    1781 total visits
    With the subZero Website Traffic Tracker, you get advanced features to analyse the traffic of your website. Will include different modes (single site, multiple site, multiple users, ...). Also home of the Zoe subproject, a Modular PHP system.
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    1528 total visits
    PHPSiteStats is a website statistics and monitoring software for small to large web sites and can be either database driven or logfile driven.
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    1914 total visits
    Statiqz, website statistics is the accurate tracker of website statistics.
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    1706 total visits
    SWG Resource Tracker is a comprehensive statistical tool for use in tracking the resources in SWG. It provides historical comparison capability, notification of resource changes, and current data among other things.
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    1902 total visits
    PhpOpenTracker is a framework solution for the analysis of website traffic and visitor analysis.
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    2110 total visits
    Snort Log Monitor and Ticketing System, a PHP based log monitoring and ticketing system for Snort IDS logging to a mySQL database.
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    1566 total visits
    ZorbIPtraffic shows the IP traffic on a network interface in real time. It can display traffic statistics for each IP on your internal network, and it summarizes the total traffic for each IP per year, per month, and per day.
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