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Free and open source PHP Web Games. These projects provide you a web game framework which make your web game development easily and efficiently.
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    Sources pour un listing de guilde du jeu World of Warcraft. Web Roster for World of Warcraft, EU version.
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    EVEkill, a kill and loss database for EVE Online.
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    Frost And Flame Promisance, a new and balanced strategy game. Includes over 160 new features over Promisance.
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    BlackNova Traders is a web-based, multi-player space exploration game inspired by the popular BBS game of TradeWars. It is coded using PHP, SQL, and Javascript.
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    Scorched Earth Online War is a dynamic multiplayer campaign system for running on-line wars using the IL-2 combat simulator. SEOW is a free add-on for IL-2 under the GNU Public Licence.
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    Yasmina's Quest is an open source game (and motor) mix of graphical point-and-click adventure and text adventure written in PHP and DHTML (JavaScript, CSS and HTML) that uses mouse and keyboard optionally. Tested under BeOS, Linux, *BSD, Windows, etc.
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    GolfstatsPHP, a Web Based Golf statistic site using PHP. Players can register and input their golf stats per game. Each player is ranked in each category, and players can compare stats with each other. Course and hole stats are also calculated and displayed in graphs.
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    Realms is a PHP/MySQL multiplayer Character building game, Includes inbuilt forums and chat, as well as a mailing system.
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    Metal Mech - free online multiplayer turn-based war game. PHP & XML only.
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    This is a online account system for use with the Torque Game Engine. It is designed to work on many database platforms. It works both in-game, using the GET method to pass information, and with an online account administration system.
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    PHP Trivia, a Trivia game written in PHP. Use one or several of the trivia files that come with the game, or create your own trivia questions/answers.
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    Web League, website for the management of online game leagues. Written in PhP/mySQL.Originally implemented for the management of a BZflag league (see SF project bzflag), we are working on making the code more generic, so that it may be used for other game styles.
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    WebChess, a great persistant online chess game using PHP/MySQL on the backend and HTML/JavaScript on the front-end, which includes move validation, CHECK checking, pawn promotion and undo. It also has a login system which allows multiple simultaneous games.
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    Religious will help you build your Monastery in Internet. / Construye tu monasterio en Internet. Web based game that it simulates the management of a monastery at 1000AD.
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    The PHP MMORPG Project, a MMORPG written completely in PHP using a MySQL backend. Current features include a graphical movement system, weapons, items, npcs, monster battles, player vs player battles, and an editor.
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