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Free and open source PHP development Tools. An good development tool make your code fast and safe. Try one and enjoy it.
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    NS NuSOAP Libraries, NetSuite specific extensions to NuSOAP libraries for PHP5.
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    MiHiSync is a script extension for mBot plugin in Miranda IM. This extension allows you to backup your contact history on remote webserver. It also contains a webUI for the history.
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    The goal of Openology PHP Application Integration is to provide a way to integrate the many open source PHP web applications. Integation consist of the frontend design and the backend code integration.
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    Goal og Translatum - Translation Application is to give support to the online translation process.Main Features of Translatum - Translation Application:- Translation selection based in ranking- Support for translation context dependent- Architecture expandable in the supported file formats- Context help
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    ColGUI is an Open Source distributed web-based GUI builder aimed at increasing designer collaboration on GUI projects. It can read Glade XML layouts and translate them into an interactive DHTML format for lightweight user interactions.
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    lINlOUT is a PHP / AJAX / MySQL based authorization library that gives registration and login / logout featureas to a web site. It is completely multilanguage and template (smarty) based. It is an authentication users tool, that supplies a rule to run a registerd users area.Features of lINlOUT:- multilanguage- written in PHP- Open Source- administration interface, with password access, ...
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    POG (PHP Object Generator) saves the PHP developer time by generating tested and efficient PHP Objects. The programming pattern behind POG is Object-Relational Mapping also known as Active Record or Persistence Layer. Above all else, the generated code has been designed to be extremely clean, easy to understand and use. Put simply, whenever you're programming with PHP and a database, ...
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    WebAddressBook is an addressbook written in PHP. It uses ADOdb as databse abstraction layer, at the moment only MySQL is supported, others may work as well. It has many import and export functions like Microsoft WAB, VCF, CSV, XML, white listsr.
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    The GTP Usability Prototype provides a webinterface to the GTP software allowing easy testing and manipulation of parameters.
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    AJAX spell checker for text areas using PHP, Javascript, and pspell / aspell.
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    Terra-Terra is a virtual operating system, giving the full power of an OS to your internet server.Application developers can build webbased application for Terra-Terra, using its user interface, security system, RTL etc as with any OS.
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    Astrocytes is a web-based operating system based on eyeOS and joomla to use and MVC and crossplatform to deliver dynamic pages and files in a very easy way to all users.
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    ConquestWebView is a web based dicom viewer for the conquest dicom server application.
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    pkZoos Website, PHP/MySQL based Software for Message Board, News, Downloads, etc.
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    Convener is a simple web-tool (PHP/MySQL) for scheduling meetings or asking for an opinion. Instead of sending emails to every participant and reading through answers you can create a meeting or a poll with Convener and automate the process.
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