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    phpGrabComics is a program to grab and save comic strips from web. It supports more than 200 comic strips, and it is very easy to implement new modules. Some of the supported sites are Dilbert, Calvin and Hobbes and Snoopy.
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    Whit CPComuni you can add to your HTML pages a list of all regions, provinces and city of Italy with a Google Suggest style. Con CPComuni e' possibile aggiungere un motore di ricerca per Comuni, Province e Regioni Italiane, in maniera semplice e veloce.
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    PHPSyncML is a PHP SyncML Libary / Server for syncing your contacts, calendars, timetables from your PDA, mobile, desktop via the SyncML protocol. Syncml is the latest and greatest in synchronization. You can sync our desktop or your PDA to a groupware system.
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    PHP TarBackup, a simple class that allows backing up an entire website; automatically works around timeout limits splitting the job in multiple requests, allows update only and many other options.
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    The Vehicle Service Tracker is an in depth professional tracking system to track all the service and repair that has been performed on your car, truck, boat, plane all your vehicles. You'll be able to keep track of repairs with line-by-line precision, including part numbers, source, cost and hours for each line item.You will get for each vehicle it's cost ...
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    This is the KML share project ("kmlshare"). This project was registered on on Sep 21, 2006, and is described by the project team as follows:kmlshare is a google maps api based website software. Users can upload kml files to the site, which is parsed and placemarks are stored in database, making the content browsable and searchable.
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    ical2rss - iCalendar to RSS convertor parses a (possibly remote) iCalendar file and provides the first 10 (or a configurable amount) 'upcoming events' as an RSS feed.
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    Atlantis Installer is designed for installing PHP-GTK2 applications onto a users system as an alternative to using PEAR. However theoreticly, it can install anything.
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    BNCwi is a Open-Source webinterface for psyBNC. With it you easily can manage your Bouncer via a graphical interface.
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    phpCAMALEO is a collection of ready-to-use customizable code letting you to concentrate on contents, menu structure, graphic layout, SEO optimization and all you need to work at when creating a web site!
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    PolymorphTables is a smooth way to manage a complete website, ranging from a blog through a forum to a complete database-driven web application like a news site or a full-scale community.
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    The PRAjax class can be used to reflect PHP code into JavaScript and Ajax methods and vice-versa. PHP objects can be used in JavaScript trough Ajax calls, both properties and (registered) functions.
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    e107mods is modified core, plugin and theme files, that will fix problems or add functioanlity to the e107 system.
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    Web Wizard Toolkit, wizard-style web interface for structured information trails - an n-ary decision tree structure based on true/false logic. It can be used as a 'Wizard', an expert system, or as a backend for interactive fiction.
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    AJAXLib is a class written in JavaScript that provides an easy way to implement AJAX (XMLHttpRequest) in your web applications. With AJAXLib you can send data via POST or GET to server (PHP/PERL/JSP,etc) and get the result directly in your JavaScript.
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