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Free and open source PHP development Tools. An good development tool make your code fast and safe. Try one and enjoy it.
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    This Web based PHP Code builder will help the developers and the normal users to create php code with few clicks. This Open Source software will help you to create PHP codes in just few clicks.
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    MaximaPHP is a web based PHP interface to communicate to Maxima computer algebra system in the server. It takes user input, send it to Maxima, and show the output back to website. It could send almost any commands including 'plot2d' and 'plot3d' to plot graphs.
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    OpenBizMap, a complete map analytics platform with task management.OpenBizMap matches user data with Eurostat and Wikipedia to show it on GoogleMaps. Users can send tasks directly from the map.
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    PHP Todo List Manager is a full-featured Multi-User ToDo List manager supporting RSS feeds, custom categories, and more. Features of PHP Todo List Manager:- Multi-User- Intuitive User Interface- Custom RSS and ATOM Feeds- User Configurable- Easy Setup- Free, Open Source Solution
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    GNU GetText Translator, PHP/MySQL web based environment which enables application developers (which use GNU GetText to implement translations to their projects) to implement web based translation system on their web site.
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    Regal Saber is a platform for the creation of interactive online adventures using PHP and a MySQL database backend.
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    How many times you look for an object in your home and search into any box, any closet and drawer without find nothing?? Home Inventory is a free, light-weight MySQL/PHP web application aims to quickly organize and find objects.
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    The idea of Online Webmailer, Calendar, Addressbook is to dispatch the problem to synchronize your private data such like calendar, addresses and emails.You can configure a lot of mail accounts. So you are PC- and platform independent. You only have to copy the project to your webspace.
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    English to Telugu Dictionary, an online interface to English-Telugu Dictionary (Reprint of 1853 Edition) by CHARLES PHILIP BROWN, with more than 31000 English words.
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    Gsys (pronounced "Jesus") aims to be a complete management system for Greek organizations (fraternity/sorority). It is coded from the perspective of a chapter treasurer with plans to address user management, financial, and PR concerns.
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    MyThreads-Links is a web based links manager similar in look to Yahoo. It uses php/mysql to create dynamic pages.
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    Fantastik, a simple application to manage a "Fantacalcio" League.
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    Aidear is a family management project, functions include Education, Health, Personal Stuff and Finance.
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    The Fresh Toolkit is based on the Mojavi/Propel/Smarty trio and provides CRUD functionalities for any Propel datasource, user mgmt, mailer, localization, and more.
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    OpenHuman, a web-based self-expression system. Exact copy of the idea experimented with on its homepage.
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