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    PhxEventManager is an open source event resource calendar system designed to manage all aspects of an occasion. The event type, date(s), location(s), time, reservable resources, category, reservable seats, labels and more are fully customizable.The application is available to the public, and is currently in beta status while documentation is completed.
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    PhpMyProfiler is a php/mysql-script to parse and display DVDProfiler data on your Website, which is written in Php.
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    PhpAddEdit is a easy-to-use, feature-rich, menu-driven script that will allow you to generate forms to add and edit content in a MySQL database. Unlike other similar scripts out there, phpAddEdit allows your forms to handle multiple tables.
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    WebSVNAdmin is a webinterface to manage users, groups and SVN-repositories. The project includes WebSVN as an SVN-Viewer. With WebSVNAdmin, it is never a hard mission to organize a forum, for you can easily create or delete repositories and manage the users and rights.
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    CSTracker should be a wonderful web based application to manage/track customer requests.Customer information, custom plans and support request tracker are available. Searching is there by various parameters. Advance searching feature will be added soon.
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    An implementation of Flash Remoting for PHP allowing seamless data exchange between PHP and the Flash player.AMF allows for binary serialization of Action Script (AS2, AS3) native types and objects to be sent to server side services. AMFPHP is challenged with implementing the entire AMF protocol to be an alternative to Flex Data Services (AMF3) and Flash Remoting (AMF0).AMFPHP allows ...
  7. Groogle
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    Groogle is a web based peer code review tool providing a range of features aimed at easing the code review process.Features of Groogle:- Subversion integration, working against live repositories.- Syntax highlighting for a wide variety of languages.- Comparisons of entire repository trees to find added, removed and modified files and directories.- Diffing of individual files and a graphical representation of ...
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    R3 allows developers of web applications to customize and translate their UI for different languages, markets and uses. It allows developers to modify existing functionality and add new plug-ins via the Stickleback extension engine.
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    Murmuradmin is a PHP / ZeroC ICE based web administration system for Murmur Servers.
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    Build a Web site with a dictionary containing the translaction from English to an easy-to-understand word with reading-clues and changing the less the way the word is written in English. Readenglish is meant to help to learn English just reading texts.With Readenglish, to master words which are written in a way that are not too much exact as the way ...
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    EMAMP allows you to install Apache PHP MySQL on your Mac without altering system files. It's modular design allows you to run different versions of php/mysql/apache without them interfering with each other.
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    Xspfphp is a free xspf playlist generator and music player, written in PHP. Generates valid xspf from mp3 tags. Includes the JW player and an AutoEmbed script. See documentation link up to your right for more information.Requirements:- Requires a web server running PHP 5.2 or later.- Caching requires a MySql database and create/delete table permissions- Should work with most web ...
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    FSG Free Web-Interface is a multi-language software for configuration the Freecom Storage Gateway and make more functions of this server available on the web-site.
  14. SimpleTest
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    SimpleTest is an Unit testing, mock objects and web testing framework for PHP built around test cases. If you know JUnit/JMock or some of the PHPUnit clones this will need no explanation. Includes a native web browser for testing web sites directly (no JavaScript).
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    Olate is a software development company specialising in products designed for the web written using PHP. As a company, it produces three products, one of which is an open source download manager called Olate Download.
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