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Free and open source PHP development Tools. An good development tool make your code fast and safe. Try one and enjoy it.
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    SNEP is an graphical user interface to manage Asterisk PBX. It provides high level control over routing and users administration making the PBX administration easier to non-technical users. Access our IRC community at Freenode #snep.
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    netjukebox is a web based media jukebox for MPD, VideoLAN and Winamp/httpQ files. It can stream MP3 files in real-time, making the ideal solution for developing online music services. It also allows users to download tracks or entire song collections in one ZIP file. netjukebox is also iPhone and iPad compatible. If technical conditions require it so, netjukeboxc can batch ...
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    Philosopher'Stone Personal is suite of small web apps: - calendar, - address book, - RPN calculator, - DVD title database, - password wallet,- a page for generally useful information.Philosopher'Stone Personal also includes a program to send email reminders of calendar events.
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    TimesheetNextGen is a continuation of the Timesheet.php project. The aims of this project are to support the old Timesheet.php user base and to develop the next generation of this application, focusing on ease of use, functionality and extendibility.
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    ISPConfig - ISP management and Hosting Control Panel. ISPConfig manages webserver, mailserver, BIND DNS, proftpd + vsftpd FTP server, mySQL databases, spamassassin and diskquotas with an easy to use webinterface for administrators, resellers and clients.
  6. GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter
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    GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter for PHP. Used to highlight almost any code for the web. Nearly 150 supported languages: PHP, HTML, C and more. Styles can be changed on the fly and CSS classes can be used to reduce the amount of XHTML compliant output.GeSHi aims to be a simple but powerful highlighting class, with the following goals:- Support ...
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    Chalange is a bundle of components and joomla modules for managing races and racers and allow the tipical operations like racer's inscriptions, check qualifications and more.
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    The open source augmented reality server, or POI (Point of Interest) search. In its simplest form, LightRod takes a database of points with latitude/longitude, and a search request at a given latitude/longitude, and returns the points sorted by distance.
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    Random Quote displays a Random Quote from a database of User-Defined Quotes. Very quick and simple to use, and you can easily change the style, appearance and content at any time.
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    EHCP for Ubuntu is a hosting control panel, for multiple domains on single machine. easily installable,easy usage, non-complex,functional.
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    Gate Pass Management System (GPMS) allows you to manage all Incoming and Outgoing items from your office or company.
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    jQuery4PHP ( jQuery for PHP ) is a PHP 5 library. Makes easy writing javascript code (jQuery syntax) using PHP objects. Develops Rich Internet Applications in an easy way without having to know javascript language with the help and power of jQuery.
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    phpMySOAP is a PHP-based SOAP server which provides mainly MySQL-based functions to a SOAP client. What we have here is something similar to MSSQL's SOAP endpoints for their commercial database.
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    RenotifyMe, a website script featuring a calendar interface with SMS-based alert services.
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    Paste is an open source pastebin forked from the original script.It's complete with a brand new design and features such as password protected pastes, archives, custom templates and much more still to come.Unlike the original pastebin script, it's easier to configure and install plus you can theme it any way you want.
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