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Free and open source PHP development Tools. An good development tool make your code fast and safe. Try one and enjoy it.
  1. ViewSVN
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    ViewSVN provides simple and easy to set up web interface for viewing SVN repositories. It uses svn commandline tools so it works without direct repository access (but that can be used as well). The downside is that it may be rather slow, but hopefully that will be fixed in the future.Features of ViewSVN:- Have ViewSVN serve multiple repositories (they don't ...
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    Eclipse- the Extensible Class Library for PHP Software Engineers - is an object-oriented programming library written in PHP.
  3. HB-NS
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    A fairly simple php script meant to enable one to update a web page with short to medium long pieces of text, without having to use an HTML editor and ftp client.Useful for blogs, travelogs, siteupdate notes, homepage news, changed visiting hours, etc. The script accepts plain text, automatically converting returns to breaks or full fledged html so you can ...
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    Anyone can keep a changelog of edited files! Add / Edit / Delete Files & Folders easily. Have Unlimited Sub-Directories. Code is very neat and easy to read. It also has some protection for the end user so they don't have to resort to using phpMyAdmin to fix the problem :-D
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    as_admintool can be used to provide a Web interface to manage site resources. It provides a modular AJAX based user interface to execute tasks to manage different types of site resources. It comes with several plug-in modules and can be extended with additional plug-ins. Currently as_admintool comes with modules for: - Execute SQL queries - Backup and restore tables in ...
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    The php-js-webedit editor is a tool for editing and building HTML pages (relatively complex) from a browser. It allows you to edit the HTML code in a textarea field, and includes a variety of JavaScript functions to assist you for creating links, tables, lists, inserting images, etc.Once you are finished you can easily submit the content to a CGI and ...
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    PHP Layers Menu is a hierarchical menu system to prepare on the fly DHTML menus relying on the PHP scripting engine for the processing of data items. It is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), either Version 2.1, or (at your option) any later version. It supports a wide range of browsers: Mozilla, Konqueror, Netscape, Safari, Opera, ...
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    EditArea is a free javascript editor for source code. It allows to write well formated source code with line numerotation, tab support, search & replace (with regexp) and live syntax highlighting (customizable). PHP, CSS, Javascript, Paython, Html, XML, VB all supported.Main Features of EditArea:- Easy to integrate, only one script include and one function call- Tabulation support (allow to write ...
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    Pine template implements a template processing engine. It reads templates from files with special marks that start by { and end in }.Pine template takes as argument an associative array with all template variables. It traverses the template file data to replace all occurrences of the template variables by the respective values.
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    VHCS is a open source web-based interface for easy web server administration for Linux. VHCS is designed for hosting and internet service providers and IT professionals. With VHCS you can configure your server and applications, create user with domains with a few point-and-click operations that take less than a minute.VHCS manage Apache vhosts, DNS, email and FTP accounts, quotas, create ...
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    PHP-O-Lait is a library that, in 2 boiler-plate lines of code, allows you to call server-side PHP code from client-side JavaScript. It's so easy, in fact, that you don't need to know how it does it (hint, it uses Ajax and JSON).
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    Mirroring Communities is a ready to use Boards solution which enables you to mirror data through many servers. This way, when a server gets down, you still can connect to another server which will have been *AUTOMATICALY* kept up to date.
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    Returnable serves as a open-platform architectural guide to advance the use of the URL as a DSL for specifying 3 traits: content,its delivery, and its behaviour on the web through the use of Returnable elements embedded within web pages.
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    Extended HTML is an extension to HTML based on XML, PHP, SQL and JavaScript technologies. The compiler is written in PHP 5 (so it can be deployed on a web page) and allows the developper to create in one file objets used both on client and server side.
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    Tagging Manager is a tool where each user can tag website's with meta-data.Features of Tagging manager: - Template based System, - RSS-output, - Multiuser Language support, - Archive of tagged pages, - Automatic tag-suggetions based on page metadata, - Taxonomy-system.
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