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    The OpenVet project is a web application written in PHP using MySQL that can be used to manage patients in the context of small animals care.
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    CourierAdmin is a new Manager for the Courier Mailserver. It supports LDAP, MySQL, PGSQL as UserStore and Text or LDAP for aliases. Writen in PHP.
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    PC Chair is a system developed to manage academic conference paper submissions and the review process that leads to acceptance/rejection of research papers.
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    PhpFamilyTree, a web based genealogy application that will be browseable, searchable, and printable. The application will be written to operate on a unix and unix like operating systems using PHP, MySQL, and Apache.
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    XmlWeblication, PHP/XML Class Library to manage webcontent and application-modules.
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    Php_lib_login is a quick and easy feature-rich login/session library for php. supports many different databases and human languages.
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    INTELIMEN - WYSIWYG HTML Browser Editor is a very light weight, full featured, multi language, WYSIWYG HTML Editor in Browser written in Java Script, DHTML, PHP, and ASP. Designed to be used wherever a Rich Text is needed.
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    PhpMySphere is a PHP System to configure Sphere(tm) in most cases. Script editor, Region editor, User Management and Axis Server Configuration are some of the goals of this project.
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    XML Publication System Keeps it Simple and Stupid XML Powered Publication System.
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    PHPCatalog provides a simple, easy to modify and use online catalog. It contains modules for the front-end viewing of items as well as the database schema and administration pages for adding, updating and removing items.
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    MUI(MM5 User Interface) is a web based user interface for a numerical weather prediction model written with php and bash scripts and awk for linux OS.
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    Claroline packages, packages for Claroline Opensource LMS : Skype status, Clock, Google Adsense, Google Search, RSS reader, Who is online, Blog, Chat, Podcast, Results, Subscription, Survey, Web Video Conference Dimdim, ...
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