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Free and open source PHP Tests & Quizzes Scripts. These Scripts provide a solution for creating an online Test & Quiz management system.
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    Myquiz is a xoops quiz module. It is a framework for the Xoops quiz with features for easy to use. Myquiz is an Open Source PHP test project.Features of Myquiz:- sliding questions - unlimited subcategory- top 5 section- new admin menu- new category and quiz list page- jquery support- more effective pages- Comment System- BBcodes added to questions end answers.- ...
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    Flash Quiz is a powerful quiz system with a PHP/MYSQL back end.Flash Quiz is Open Source PHP test script, supporting multiple quizzes per instance, result tracking, and high score tracking.
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    SimpleQuizzz is a professional quiz system, written in PHP. SimpleQuizzz is a free PHP test software.
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    Simple Quiz, an Elegant, Intuitive, and Highly Customizable Online Testing System For PHP/MySQL. Simple Quiz is an Open Source PHP test system.
  5. phpRack
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    phpRack is a light Integration PHP Test Frameworkframework. By integration tests we mean software modules that should be executed in the production environment, in order to validate that said environment is configured as expected.For example your product is a web2.0 application which depends on proper configuration of PHP, Apache, MySQL and availability of YouTube, Flickr and GoogleMaps API's. Your product ...
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