PHP Server Management

These projects allow you to manage your web hosting servers, such as setting up, installing Terminal Server and configuration, etc.
  1. PHPOlait Extended
    1920 total visits
    Create instant web 2.0 rpc server from your php classes with PHPOlait Extended. Need only to configure proxy metafile to get up and running.PHPOlait Extended is a fork of the excelent phpolait library. Allows you to call server-side PHP code from client-side JavaScript.
  2. C.A.S.I.M.I.R.
    1823 total visits
    CASIMIR is a web-based PHP/MySQL interface which controls over SSH-secured connexions qemu/kvm virtual machines dispatched over several physical servers. It also provides to administrators the ability to delegate control of these machines to other users.
  3. Anon Proxy Server
    2140 total visits
    Anonymous proxy server supports http, https, socks. It can be used as a normal proxy or as a p2p anonymous proxy. Web based drag and drop access configuration. Works with windows, linux. IE, firefox, etc.
  4. Shift Log
    2117 total visits
    The Shift Log is a database entry and display system that is built off of PHP and MySQL. The log uses a basic user authentication system to ensure user accountability and log integrity. It also has a RTF editor integrated into it.
  5. Admin Control Panel 2
    2123 total visits
    Admin Control Panel 2 is a Admin Control Panel intern or extern for your Woltlab Burning Board. It has a lot of extra tools, cheats and admin managment. You can search multi's by IP and etc. This tool is every day under futher development.
  6. AppServ
    1616 total visits
    AppServ is an merging open source software installer package for Windows and Linux.
  7. Php Site Manager
    1333 total visits
    Php Site Manager is a Simple PHP Site Management System. This software use for Template Engine "Smarty Template", for db connection in this moment use MySql4 class derivate from phpBB2 and for Visual Editor use a modified version of TinyMCE.
  8. RaspBerry
    2264 total visits
    RaspBerry+ is a web-based administration platform for Blackberry Enterprise Server for MS Exchange (BES). You can group-based activate/kill/delete/add and get status of users, their handhelds and services. With a little download-area and a comment-system
  9. Apache Stats
    2053 total visits
    This application package acts as an add-on to the mod_log_sql apache/apache2 module. There is a command-line element, which aggregates visitor data, and an awstats-like frontend for the user to view an up to the minute history of user activity.
  10. MyPHPCommander
    1863 total visits
    MyPHPCommander is a multilingual web interface to manage a server or remote-control a computer. The functions are provided by several plugins. Up to this time, a very good filemanager is implemented.
  11. phpServerAdmin
    2672 total visits
    phpServerAdmin will be a web based control panel for administrators to administer services like PPTPD, BIND DNS and other services which will be added as more help is available to me. At the moment, only PPTPD is available.
  12. No Screenshot
    1892 total visits
    NmnLogger is a small set of PHP classes developed to create a simple abstracted logging mechanism, giving the ability to create complex and functional xml driven logging systems within minutes.
  13. WebDesktop
    1854 total visits
    WebDesktop is a Desktop Enviroment for your Server. WebDesktop uses an AJAX-like JavaScript/PHP combination with a HTML/CSS frontend.You can use WebDesktop via your web browser (currently it is only tested to work with Firefox).
  14. No Screenshot
    1881 total visits
    VCore is a hosting control interface developed for Linux hosts.
  15. No Screenshot
    2141 total visits
    WWW-ADMIN is a set of tools (ftp,sql clients and etc), which helps You to administrate your web pages. It is multi-platform, also it supports many users. Requirements: - PHP - MySQL
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