PHP Server Management

These projects allow you to manage your web hosting servers, such as setting up, installing Terminal Server and configuration, etc.
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    This is a skin for the default Apache file/folder index browser. It will allow users/developers to navigate Apache-delivered file indexes via a superb GUI. Comes as a JS and PHP implementation. The PHP implementation is much faster.Requirements:- JavaScript enabled on client side- jQuery JavaScript Library- PHP 5.2 or HigherWhat's new in this version:- Localization now in separate files- Adds auto-refresh- ...
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    Sismo is a continuous testing server written in PHP. Sismo loads the developer's code, runs tests and displays the results. Sismo is language and tool agnostic.Features of Sismo:- One file download- Easy to configure- User-intuitive design- Works for any code and environmentRequirements:- PHP 5.3.3 or Higher
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    Mugatiya is a PHP IP:Port proxy server. For most cases it works like a proper proxy such as Squid or Apache. To accommodate HTTPS, this proxy has to do a URL rewrite.This proxy can be used for affiliate advertising and has an in built Turing Test supplied by to keep SEO bots away. It also checks POST requests for ...
  4. WaterSpout
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    WaterSpout is a real-web time communications server. It is a light web server capable of handling WebSocket requests. When used as part of an even-driven server pair, WaterSpout enables real-time communication between the user's browser and the server using WebSockets or long polling. This technique, coupled with the optimized code, considerably improves client-server communication performance.Requirements:- PHP 5.2.1 or Higher- PHP ...
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    This is a server-side library to use with the FirePHP browser add-on. The script implements the specific FirePHP protocol, allowing the browser add-on to communicate with a specific server.FirePHPCore wrappers exist for Agavi, BIGACE, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, eZ, Joomla, Kohana, Nette Framework, PEAR, PRADO, Probus, Project Zero, REDAXO, Seagull, Smarty, Solar, Symfony, TYPO3, Wordpress, ZenMagick, Zend Framework and many ...
  6. Streeme
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    Take your MP3 or Ogg based music library anywhere with a modern web browser! Streeme offers a secure, private and legal way to serve your personal music collection online without purchasing expensive apps or hardware. Using the powerful Symfony php framework and MySQL 5, this app is a snap to install and run for yourself. Please download it, hack on ...
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    This program will export Apache log data from a MySQL database into a file for use with Awstats and other progarms that need it in this format. It features of easily Easily configurable options for exporting and running Awstats.What's new in PHP Awstats access_log Exporter 0.1.1:- Increased the PHP memory limit and timeout.
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    This is a website backup and restoration utility designed for PHP/MySQL websites. It comes as a stand-alone app, a Joomla component and WordPress plugin. Backups can be generated, moved,copied and restored. The administration interface is powered by jQuery UI and password protected.Features of XCloner:- Backup and restore any PHP/MySQL website- Create custom backups- Generate automatic backups based on cronjobs- Restore ...
  9. Xinc - Continuous Integration for PHP
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    Xinc is a free open source continuous integration server written in PHP 5. The builder of choice is Phing and it comes with builtin SVN support. Currently Xinc 2.0 is under heavy development. A final version of Xinc 2.0 will be released sooner.
  10. Gitstat
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    Gitstat is an open source web-based statistics and monitoring system for git, a version control system which is best known for linux kernel. You can browse up-to-date statistics information, search and view changesets(patchs) status, monitor git tree.
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    JAP is a proxy that allows you to access CPANEL, WEBHOSTMANAGER and WEBMAIL through port 80. It is compatible with the latest version of CPANEL, WEBHOSTMANAGER and WEBMAIL and uses the CURL library to optimize performance.
  12. Ignoramus- A Nagios Config Generator
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    IGNORAMUS is a Config Generator / Editor for Nagios 3.0. I developed it because I couldn't find one that suited my needs. It is a PHP Web-Based application. Please post any bug reports / feature requests in the project forums, Help me make it better!
  13. matsLETS
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    matsLETS is an open source php/mysql application for administrating LETS schemes from a web server using your web browser. It is intended equally for use by LETS administrators, LETS members, and passers by.
  14. Aspect
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    Aspect is a log visualization/viewer tool. Aspect borrows the initial idea of visualizing logfiles from the old seelog project, but enhances it to work in modern day by utilizing SQL, PHP and a web frontend.
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    BasHCP (Bas Hosting Control Panel) is a free open source cross platform (Windows/Apache, Windows/IIS, Debian) hosting control panel solution, written in PHP.CPanel is a leading provider of software for the webhosting industry. If you would like to learn more about cPanel please visit our website at Please be advised that cPanel Inc. is not a web hosting company, and ...
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