PHP Security System

Free and open source PHP Security Systems Projects. Keep your site server security in every respect such as XSS, SQL injuection, spam and so on.
  1. J4P5 - Javascript For PHP5
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    J4P5, a JavaScript interpreter written in PHP 5, that allows to run untrusted scripts in a sandbox on your server. It aims to implement most of Ecma-262 3d edition.
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    CAsystems - OpenSSL PHP-Webfrontend, an Easy x509 certificate generation, with multi-user administration and safe distribution. Predefined types for User/Clients/Server/Mail/CA. Users integrate information from LDAP or AD directory. Full revocation(CRL) support with ftp distribution of CRLs.
  3. Firewall Admin
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    Firewall Admin, web administration tool to manage linux netfilter (iptables) rules.
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    PhpPwdManager is a multi-user password manager application, written in PHP5 and MySql.
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    IDSRG stands for Intrusion Detection System Report Generator. It generates graphic reports from a snort database of alerts.The main goal of the project IDS Report Generator is to provide instant reports of your ids events. It has 7 predefined reports and the plans.
  6. OpenAanval Console
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    OpenAanval - The Open Source version of the Commercial Aanval Console - A full featured advanced Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Console for Snort. Real-time LIVE event monitoring, comprehensive statistics, multi-user, email / audio alerting, IP marking.
  7. FuZZY - AUP Infraction Detection (AUPID)
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    FuZZY - AUP Infraction Detection (AUPID), a network analyzer designed be an Acceptable Use Policy Infraction Detector (AUPID). It allows Administrators to monitor a user's activies over the network.
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    Description of VSecure:- VSecure secures pages.- Account manager. - Login/logout. - User administration. - Easy to use.
  9. PhPOP3clean
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    phPOP3clean is a PHP-based POP3 email scanner. It's designed to be run as a cron job every minute or so, and to catch & delete several types of unwanted emails.Features:a) malformed emails - incomplete or malformed headers, which cause some POP3 servers to drop connection when the message is retrieved.b) email worms - attached executable files matched against database of ...
  10. Php Motion Detect
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    Phpmotiondetect is a Motion detection using PHP. Detects motion using your webcam and stores snapshots on disk or in a mysql database. It consists:- A PHP script for motion detection- Archive snapshots in a MySQL database and/or disk.- A web based frontend for browsing the archive, and creation of movies.
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    SerialTracker is a tool for keeping track of machines in terms of serial numbers, asset values, historical tracking of issues, software and other notes. SystemTracker also tracks IP addresses, aliases, NAT address, hardware configuration and provides themes.
  12. Leafnode Web Administration
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    Leafwa is a simple web-based administration package for the Leafnode NNTP server, written in PHP. This project is a revival of the original Leafwa scripts by Phil Hunt, and aims to add features and improve security.
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    Uma (formerly known as Rampart) is a user authentication and management system written entirely in PHP and supports MySQL. There is an administrative web interface for managing users and API documentation available for developers.
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    Hosting App is a tool designed to manage web hosting server. It allow to create Virtual Hosts, manage users accounts, DNS, mail accounts etc... It also provide a control panel for hosted sites.
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    ANDURAS SurfProtect is a PHP application that can be used for virus-scanning withing the application-layer (ISO/OSI)Either http and ftp protocols are already supported within the beta version.
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