PHP Security System

Free and open source PHP Security Systems Projects. Keep your site server security in every respect such as XSS, SQL injuection, spam and so on.
  1. SnortSMS
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    SnortSMS, a highly configurable sensor management system that provides the ability to remotely manage Snort [Barnyard] based Intrusion Detection Systems.The project is designed to push configuration files, monitor sensor health, and view Snort alerts all from a clean simple web interface.
  2. No Screenshot
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    CopyTracker is a plagiarism detection software, which is believed to be the best project to protect your system.
  3. No Screenshot
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    ObsceneClean is a project to create a profanity filter. At this time the goal is to create a proof of concept algorithm, in other words get the code to a point where the fundamental idea behind the algorithm is proved to be workable.
  4. RTH - Requirements and Testing Hub
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    One of the features of RTH - Requirements and Testing Hub:To implement bug fixsAnd the current status and Demo (Live) system is only for testing of RTH.
  5. PHP Certificate Authority
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    With the project PHP Certificate Authority, you could be doing a better job of website security... If only there was a simple way to implement SSL with signed keys? PHP-CA is an easy to use and easy to administer Certificate Authority that runs in PHP.
  6. Gateway Anti-Virus
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    Gateway Anti-Virus allows applications across the enterprise to check files for viruses by providing a SOAP-based virus scanning web service. The system uses clamav for virus definitions and detection.
  7. PhpTSMadmin
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    PhpTSMadmin will provide an alternative web interface to view and manage the health of your Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) servers and media. It collates all the TSM information into a single views for tape management, and recent activity.
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    PHP Security Scanner is a tool written in PHP intended to search PHP code for vulnarabilities. MySQL DB stores patterns to search for as well as the results from the search. The tool can scan any directory on the file system.
  9. Deadlock User Management System
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    Deadlock is a powerful, fully featured user management system primarily written to protect web directories and documents using Apache's htaccess and htpasswd. Deadlock is written in PHP and uses a MySQL backend.
  10. Cancerbero - The watchdog of the ports
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    Cancerbero is a port scan engine based on nmap. It scans the hosts of a defined network once every configured time interval and stores the results in a MySQL database. It detects changes from last scan, generates alerts with differences, and optionally sends the alert by mail to the owner of the host. It provides a snapshot of the ports ...
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    WeBekci is a ModSecurity 2.x managament tool. Generate special rule, show logs, create conf.
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    WebSecurityTester, set of libraries and user-interfaces usefull to test the vulnerabilty of web applications.By simulating HTTP request and parse the response we can detect some of the most important bugs in the web-application system or in some other software layer.
  13. YASeMI
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    YASeMI (Yet Another Security Monitoring Interface) consists of a Web interface that can be of aid to SysAdmins and Security Admins, in detecting possible anomaly or intrusion behaviour in their network, based on Netflow data their routers emit.
  14. phpautotest
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    phpautotest is a tool for testing PHP-driven websites. It has to be walked through your web-site once, it can then follow the same steps and report whether the pages did not work as expected. Variable values as well as HTML output can be tested.
  15. PHPki Digital Certificate Authority
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    PHPki Digital Certificate Authority is an Open Source Web application for managing a multi-agency PKI for HIPAA compliance.With PHPki, you may create and centrally manage X.509 certificates for use with S/MIME enabled e-mail clients, SSL servers, and VPN applications.
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