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Free and open source PHP Search Engine Projects. These projects will help you start your own custom search engines like Google, Yahoo and baidu.
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    Oocommon php engine is a free PHP search engine project. Flexible Object Oriented PHP Engine with database support, sessions, sessions-based messanging and instant messanging, ftp, pop3, smtp, filesystem wrapper, output-buffering, and a growing number of features.
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    Want to add personals to your website? PHP-Personals will help you. A gallery and private messaging system with customizable search engine.
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    This PHP Search Engine is specially designed to search local files on the server for a search term and shows the results like Google. Since the search engine doesn't index the pages and doesn't need a database, so the results are allways actual. The search engine read the "rotobs" (and "noindex") meta-tag, so you can exclude pages from the search. ...
  4. SEO Rank Checker
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    The SEO Rank Checker is a nice little tool that will parse out your search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo and MSN for a particular keyword or key phrase. You can even add multiple keywords to check several at a time. It is a free PHP search engine project.Note:Please familiarize yourself with the terms of service for all three search ...
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    WebAnalyseAddon is known as a flexible and relibale addon to WebAnalyse that gives the number of unique visitors to a site and details the words used in Search Engines to find the site. It is a free PHP search engine. This addon will be incorporated into the main product.The keywords used typed in search engines in order to reach the ...
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    Snoopy is a PHP class that simulates a web browser. It automates the task of retrieving web page content and posting forms. Snoopy is a free PHP search engine class.Some features of Snoopy :-easily fetch the contents of a web page-easily fetch the text from a web page (strip html tags)-easily fetch the the links from a web page-supports proxy ...
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