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Free and open source PHP Search Engine Projects. These projects will help you start your own custom search engines like Google, Yahoo and baidu.
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    Bee-rain is a web crawler that harvest and index file over the network. It is a free PHP search engine software.Bee-rain helps you in your sleep by comparing, filtering, analyzing citations of brands, companies and personalities on the Internet. Bee-rain then produces statistics and visualization tools (graphs, clouds, histograms) facilitate detection and monitoring of companies, brands and personalities.Requirements:- PHP 4.3.0- ...
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    SEO Filter is a Search Engine Optimization Software for forums and Content Management Systems,which is also a free PHP search engine system.Rewrites dynamic links on the fly. Keyword rich links (title in the URL). Session ID is removed from links. No duplicate content (301 redirect). With the project SEO Filter, it is never a hard mission for SEOers to promote ...
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    Bzeeet, Stable and lightweight Desktop-Files/SMB/FTP crawler and search engine. It is an OpenSource PHP search engine project, which includes : translations, docs, widgets... and more coming soon.Bzeeet can be used to index documents stored:- on your own computer to find them faster,- on a NAS storage device using SMB/CIFS,- on a remote FTP server where SMB doesn't work,- on a ...
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    PhpPgView is a PHP search engine tool that allows to explore the structure of a postgreSQL DB, browse tables and execute saved queries. Easy sorting, searching, and export.It is possible to hidden any schema, table or column.This tool makes easier the monitoring of web/database applications for developers.Features of PhpPgView:-Insert spacers IMG before each underscore both allow to keep the name ...
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    Website SuperSearch allows users to search your database-driven (MySQL) website. The project includes boolean search, and regular expression search, which is a free PHP search engine system. Search functionality derived from Bible SuperSearch.
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    1939 total visits
    Bible SuperSearch is a free OpenSource PHP search engine project.Bible SuperSearch is an advanced web-based Bible passage lookup and search script.Features of Bible SuperSearch:-Multiple Bible and Foreign Language Support-Several Bible versions included, many more available for download.-Parallel Bible - look up passages in up to four Bibles at once.-Switch formatting:Nice formatting, Easy to copy formatting-Choose text size and style.-Looking up ...
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    WHImMP - Erstellung eines Stichwortverzeichnisses. Scripte, mit denen ein Stichwortverzeichnis einer Webpage erstellt wird. Benutzt werden Meta- und Anker-Tags. Eine Konfiguratons-Datei. MySQL und PHP. Es ist kein Sitemap-Generator! GPL-Lizenz.
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    PI-FIND est un projet OpenSource PHP moteur de recherche. PI-FIND est un intranet de rfrencementPermettant la gestion de contact par indexation et association de mot clefsAinsi que leur rechercheMultilingue avec la possibilit de cre des synonyme permettant une recherche plus fluide.
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    2020 total visits
    SMBindex is a file search engine for local Samba and PHP search engine for Windows network. It contains indexing perl script & search engine based on PHP.
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    PHPCrawl is a PHP framework searching the Web. It can be used in writing search crawlers (spiders) that mine Web pages for various information. PHPCrawl acquires information it was configured to fetch and passes it to more powerful apps for further processing. Features of PHPCrawl:- Filters for URL and Content-Type data- Define ways to handle cookies- Define ways to handle ...
  11. Jumper 2.0 Collaborative Search Engine
    2546 total visits
    Jumper 2.0 is a collaborative PHP search engine that crowdsources knowledge using peer and social-networking principles to tag and link distributed content, media, and data regardless of format or location. It is commercial OpenSource PHP search engine software.Jumper can help you find the best, most valuable, information fast.After using Jumper you can find & share the best content, media, or ...
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    1936 total visits
    Flexploring Utility is a free OpenSource PHP search engine project, which is a sitecrawler that operates as whole new navigation tool for browsing users. breaks down link structure and shows the deeper going links with information of former set way of surfin! platform independent due to web service.
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    Taxonomic Search Engine is a test bed for a web service approach to federating taxonomic name databases. Written in PHP, which is a free PHP search engine software. It takes your query and talks to a number of different databases, asking each one whether they contain that name.Requirements:-PHP 4 or higher.
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    The Search Engine Project (TSEP), is a free OpenSource PHP search engine project. TSEP is built to index your site so it can be searched later within seconds. TSEP is a simple yet very powerful and fast PHP website search engine. It is built to index your site so it can be searched later within seconds. Features of The Search ...
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    PhpSERA is a PHP search engine project which primarily aims to creat a free tool for analyzing search engine ranking for websites. PhpSERA is a PHP/MySQL-based tool for Search Engine Ranking Analysis (SERA). The rankings are based on parsing output of search engines, using simple regular expressions.PhpSERA connects to the search engines, parses the result pages and displays a ranking ...
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