PHP Project Management

Download Free PHP Project Management Software that provide a project tracking tool about the structuring of a series of tasks and the schedule associated with those tasks to enable organisations to able to support their business processes in a simple.
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    Electronic Design Automation (EDA) - Index can be used in the electronic world to keep track of your: Schematic, PCB, Front Plate, Programmable Logic Device numbers. The system is web based, so try the demo and see if you can use it.
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    Dit programma is naar aanleiding van een opleiding waarin het de opdracht was om een administratief systeem te ontwikkelen. Hieruit is dit opensource project ontstaan wat de registratie verzorgt van een vuurwerk voorraad systeem.
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    OpenRCT is a multidisciplinary effort to enhance collaboration between people who are not co-located in time and space. It is a platform independent, multimedia tool that supports synchronous and/or asynchronous communication.
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    Cdbase is php-gtk program for cataloging and searching content of your CD library. Do you wanna have a file-list of cd all the time in front of you? This is a good choice.
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    DevSite, a web-based project management and development environment written in PHP.It provides a means for developers of a single project or many projects to manage the difficulties of keeping in touch and up to date.
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    NetOffice - Online project management with team collaboration, user management, multiple access levels, tasks, projects, and time tracking, task change history, files approval tracking, notes, client project sites, CRM, Gantt graphs...
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    Son of Service (SOS) is a multiuser volunteer management database for non-profits. Useful for keeping track of work history, comments, reminders, skills, availability, and relationships, SOS requires PHP, a RDBMS, and a HTML 4.0 browser.
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    phpRefManager will help a soccer organization manage referees. Support will be included for storing information about referees and allowing them to schedule themselves and report on games.Multiple levels of access are allowed. MySQL and PHP are used.
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    PMtool is a project management software (based on PHP+MySQL) to create tasks for change/bug requests, post timesheets, and calculate number of times used.There is a PostgreSQL port coming along shortly.
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    CORE project management is an Advanced project management for workgroups. It has some very advanced features that allow persons to quickly see what has changed in between vists. It also emails persons and groups. Easy management, easy installation, easy for users.
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    Athena is a light-weight PHP & MySQL note keeper for teachers and students to keep track of their research projects. It allows to add notes and resource references, and work on multiple projects at once. It's purpose is to keep related data grouped.
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    DesignWorks Project Site is a project management web application written in php and mysql. Unlike many of the other project management packages, there is an emphasis on interfacing with clients rather than being geared towards internal use.
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    Fprog is a WebTimeSheet Project.
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    Centralized Timeregistration System(CTS) is a Software Project Timekeeping Management System. It includes a (linux) server, an administrator/stats website and (linux & windows) clients for submitting registatrations.
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    PhpMyContent is a web based authoring tool, with which you can manage multiple projects. Your're free to define document structures, templates and publishing rules.Pre- and post "publishing conditions" execute shell scripts before and after publishing.
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