PHP Project Management

Download Free PHP Project Management Software that provide a project tracking tool about the structuring of a series of tasks and the schedule associated with those tasks to enable organisations to able to support their business processes in a simple.
  1. LinusHome
    1942 total visits
    LinusHome is designed to control your home over the web or a local network.It consists of a backend in Python using Sqlite3 databases. The front end web is written mainly in JavaScript and PHP. Right now Denon receivers, a projector and CM11 X10.
  2. TightURL
    2018 total visits
    TightURL is a templated, easily customizable PHP & MySQL based redirection service similar to TinyURL,, or SnipURL and produces short URLs. It includes extensive anti-abuse URI checks to protect against abuse.
  3. SENAYAN Library Automation
    2800 total visits
    SENAYAN Library Automation is web based open source Library Automation System, focusing on simplicity, ease of usage and complete modules for automating library task such as cataloging, circulation, membership, stock take.
  4. Meeting Request Scheduling and Booking System
    2593 total visits
    MRSBS is a system for scheduling meetings for anyone with an email address, regardless of what calendar system any individual uses. The meeting host (or the host's delegate) prepares an invitation, specifying required and optional attendees, information about the meeting topic and duration, potential time slots, and potential locations. The invitation is sent to the invitees via email, the invitees ...
  5. PHP Video Toolkit
    1985 total visits
    PHP Video Toolkit is a wrapper around FFmpeg & FLVTools2 to allow developers to manipulate & convert video files in any easy to use object oriented way.PHP Video Toolkit also currently provides FFmpeg-PHP emulation in pure PHP so you don't need to compile & install the module.
  6. No Screenshot
    4643 total visits
    PhpInv is a highly configurable but small inventory script written in PHP with mySQL backend.Some Features of PhpInv: - unlimited categories, - unlimited depth of sub-categories,- customizable columns per category, - admin control panel, - templates and search avail.
  7. TorrentFlux - PHP Torrent Client
    2645 total visits
    TorrentFlux is a PHP front end for bittorrent. The project TorrentFlux - PHP Torrent Client is designed to manage all of your Torrent downloads through a convenient web interface from anywhere. Requirements:- Apache with PHP module, - MySQL - BitTornado or BitTorrent source (included).You can even set your system up to subscribe to (& auto-download) rss torrent feeds and start ...
  8. Svn-access-manager
    2155 total visits
    SVN Access Manager is a powerful tool for managing access to subversion repositories. The tool provides user and group management and access rights (read/write) to dedicated paths in a repository as well.
  9. No Screenshot
    1604 total visits
    Envoice is a bit web-based and has a database where the data is stored.The programs most used option is the hours registration and the billing support to make bills for costumers. There are also options like storing costumers address data.
  10. Volunteer Management OpenSource Software
    2334 total visits
    VMOSS (Volunteer Management Open Source Software) is a standalone volunteer management system, providing volunteer and project registration, monitoring, and reporting functionality. It was originally developed as part of the Sahana (LAMP) System.
  11. Requirement Heap
    1650 total visits
    Requirement Heap is a web based requirement management application. It allows to enter requirement in rich text, supports versioning and the management of requirements.
  12. PhpDivingLog
    1984 total visits
    PhpDivingLog is a set of PHP programs used to generate web pages which display the scuba diving logbook data exported as a MySQL file from the commercial desktop program Diving Log. the scuba diving logbook data
  13. Provision
    2091 total visits
    Provision application is done for managing complexity of provision. It has 7 approval levels. It supports tracking the situation of requested items like approved, rejected, ordered, received. Provision is now available in English, Turkish and Romanian languages.
  14. No Screenshot
    1528 total visits
    CppExam is a web based system which will compile by G++.This system provides much people to test their simple C/C++ program.
  15. PHPOLL php - mysql poll system
    2193 total visits
    PHPOLL is a simple poll system written in PHP and mysql. It has an e-mail confirmation (crypted) and an admin-panel. Installation info and amind panel are now in both english and italian language. PHPOLL is free open source.
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