PHP Project Management

Download Free PHP Project Management Software that provide a project tracking tool about the structuring of a series of tasks and the schedule associated with those tasks to enable organisations to able to support their business processes in a simple.
  1. First Things First
    2373 total visits
    FirstThingsFirst is a webapplication to create and use any kind of list. Create your own lists any way you like by using a set of predefined field types (text fields, notes fields, dropdown lists, etc).
  2. Jorp
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    Jorp is a simple, web-based project management system based on PHP & MySQL.With the project Jorp, you are allowed you to keep track of projects, tasks, clients, and users through an easy-to-navigate web interface.It is platform independent and will run on any web server so long as it is running PHP and can access a MySQL database.
  3. NetOffice Dwins
    4995 total visits
    NetOffice Dwins is a free web based time tracking, timesheet, content management, issue tracking, and project management environment.It also allows anyone with an internet connection to enter time and submit it for approval. Approval requests can be routed to managers, project managers, and HR members electronically.
  4. TestLink
    2969 total visits
    TestLink is a web based Test Management tool. The application provides Test specification, Test plans and execution, Reporting, Requirements specification and collaborate with well-known bug trackers.
  5. No Screenshot
    2852 total visits
    Project man is PHP and MySQL project management application with users and mailing list and custom reports. Features of Project Man:- project listing- task listing- link task with users- mailing- reports- project management- PMS
  6. Alloc
    2987 total visits
    Alloc, people allocation and skills management. Features of Alloc:- Create and edit people's allocation- Create and edit people's events (meetings, medical appointment, courses, personal problems)- Create and edit people's vacations- See the allocation grid by department
  7. clearBudget
    3279 total visits
    clearBudget, a fully featured budget and personal finance tool. You don't have to be finance or economics guru to use this online software because it's easy to use and comprehend. Used properly, clearBudget should help you set aside a significant amount of savings!Features of clearBudget:- Multi user access- Realtime graph and reports- Fully customizable reports- Monthly Reminders- Merge many accounts ...
  8. SO Planning
    2177 total visits
    SO Planning is a Simple Online Planning tool. Allows you to plan working periods for each person of your team, in a visual / printable result. Shows a line by person and the corresponding working days.Features of SO Planning:- Projects management- Project categories and colours (efficient display)- Users management, with simple rights- No complex planning option : who works on ...
  9. Digaboard
    2888 total visits
    Digaboard, visual project management tool that will complement Kanban, Scrum (or any stand-up) that uses a whiteboard with stickies for visualizing the tasks at hand. Ditch the old whiteboard and replace it with a web based interactive tool.The project involves the creation of a visual project management tool that will complement Kanban, Scrum or any combination that involves daily stand-ups ...
  10. Clinic MED
    2970 total visits
    Clinic MED is an open source application for Professional Clinic Management licensed under GPL Developed by Erick Romero. It is believed to be the most easy means to manage Professional Clinic.
  11. Simple PHP Agenda
    4093 total visits
    Simple PHP Agenda, a simple agenda tool written in PHP with MySQL backend. An agenda tool accessible everywere there's internet. Easy to install and configure.Key Features of Simple PHP Agenda: - scheduling appointments,- holidays, - todo lists, - secure access, - multiple users, etc.
  12. SVNManager
    2070 total visits
    SVNManager is a webbased administration tool for servers that host Subversion repositories.With SVNManager you can remotely:- Create, remove, load and dump repositories- Manage user accounts for access to the repositories- Manage groups for acces to the repositories- Invite users by email to create an account on the server
  13. Dynamic COMPAS - COMPAS Dynamique
    2066 total visits
    The Dynamic COMPAS is an electronic system for managing the quality of humanitarian projects, based on the principles of Project Cycle Management and Quality Assurance.
  14. MyMeeting
    2375 total visits
    MyMeeting is a meeting management and decision status tracking software written in php with mysql as the backend and cakephp as the development framework.
  15. QueXS
    2292 total visits
    QueXS is a web based, Open Source, CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) System. It integrates with QueXML for creating questionnaires, LimeSurvey for collecting data and Asterisk for VoIP telephony. QueXS uses a "call outcome" model (instead of a "case outcome" model) to manage cases within the CATI system. The outcome of each call is recorded by the operator using temporary ...
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