PHP Portal System

Download free and open source PHP Portal System. These projects allow you to start a community portal site with features like news management, discussion and comment, ability to easily add other features through add-ons and modules.
  1. Revou Twitter Clone Micro Blogging Script
    708 total visits
    ReVou Micro Blogging is a revolutionary PHP software that allows you to start your Twitter clone site. ReVou offers you the next generation social networking and mobile blogging solution for your users bringing more viral growth for your site.Revou is fully customizable and feature pack including:- SMS/Web/IM/Email support- Custom API- Mobile browser- ReVou vision addon- Google Maps Integration- Widgets Plugin- ...
  2. VianoTVPortal - Live TV PHP Script Portal
    3482 total visits
    Turnkey Portal For Live and Recorded Video Streaming Entertainment - Built-IN Content Delivery Network - OpenX Overlay Video Ads - It runs by itself - Earn money from broadcasters and ads and many others!VianoTVPortal is a turnkey solution for live online & recorded video streaming entertainment. Its main purpose is to allow the public to stream live to their colleagues, ...
  3. Portaneo posh portal
    4456 total visits
    POSH is a personalizable interface (Netvibes, iGoogle) that can be used in a web application (posh) or enterprise intranet (Portaneo portal) context. It is designed as an agile, customizable and collaborative PHP solution. Implemented with a corporate social network, it integrates the access to all the information and applications. Enterprise version adds social network, notebooks and search features...Advantages of POSH ...
  4. No Screenshot
    113 total visits
    Portal XL is a open source project. Portal XL Italia following the goal of phpBB want to give everyone a chance to get with minimal effort a portal full-blown, full of tools for users and administrators. Portal XL Italia is the official support to Portal XL, installing our versions Premod or Plain or on a forum that existing phpBB mountains ...
  5. No Screenshot
    235 total visits is a web-based application built on PHP/MySQL for creating a Job Board Site. It includes basic managing tools for both Job Seeker and Employer. This script can be used in setting up a Job Board Site for specific countries, regional Job Site or a general Job Site.
  6. No Screenshot
    234 total visits
    CWIS is a portal to organize and share scientific resources and stands for Collection Workflow Integration System and it is an open source system written in PHP and MySQL. It can be used by educational or research groups for organizing online resources about their or related activities. CWIS can be used as a central information hub for a project's related ...
  7. Coordino
    1532 total visits
    Coordino is a selfhosted knowledge software which allows you to create a question and answer system for your and your users to enjoy. Whether you are looking to create a niche question and answer site for comic book collecting or looking for a knowledge base solution for your intranet, Coordino is here for you. Features of Coordino:- A Knowledge Platform- ...
  8. MyJobList
    2165 total visits
    MyJobList is a free and simple job posting and portal application written in PHP with a MySQL database backend. It is an Open Source PHP portal site project. Although it is a simple script it has enough power to allow the user the alility to offer a complete online career seivice. With an easy to modify template system.MyJobList is easy ...
  9. MemHT Portal
    1692 total visits
    MemHT Portal is a Free PHP CMS and PHP Blog. It permits the creation and the management online of websites with few and easy steps. It's completely customizable, expandable and suitable for all needs.Features of MemHT PHP Portal System:- Content management: Articles, Faq, Guides and News divided by topics- Blog: Posts, Comments, Categories, Archive- Visual (WYSIWYG) and BBCode text editors- ...
  10. Uiga Personal Portal
    892 total visits
    Uiga Personal Portal provides a personal PHP portal to allow you to be able to enter the details of yourself, your lifestory, and to be able to show your photographs in your own personal gallery. In addition you can send out newsletters, blog and sell any products that you would like.The script is customizable by the use of an administration ...
  11. QSF Portal
    723 total visits
    QSF Portal is a fast, secure, easily maintained PHP portal with powerful forum and downloads modules, as well as lightweight CMS capability. It can upgrade an existing Quicksilver Forums board to a portal. You are able to add New modules and skins as you like. Other modules can be added to it with relative ease. There is also a simple ...
  12. ocPortal
    1555 total visits
    ocPortal is a website engine that drives cutting-edge interactive and dynamic portals. It is one of the most complete open-source portal systems. Features of ocPortal:- Wizard-based installation- Banners management- Integrated search engine- Newsletters and mass-mailing- Feature content- eCommerce features- Subscriptions- Paid membership- Multiple payment gateways- Invoicing support- SSL/TLS/HTTPS certificate support- Support/user-to-staff messaging- Support ticket system- Classified ads- Catalogs- Wiki system- ...
  13. GeekLog
    803 total visits
    Geeklog is a PHP/MySQL based application for managing dynamic web content, allowing users to setup a website within minutes. Features of Geeklog:- Admin panel- Graphic installer- Static pages- Content scheduler- Drafts- HTML whitelists- WYSIWYG editing- Users management- Get content submission from users- Comments- Trackbacks- Pingbacks- Export/import features- Syndication- Spam filter- Calendar- OpenID support- Themes- Plugins- Multi-lingual- Robust *nix-like security model- ...
  14. Prado Portal
    1021 total visits
    Prado Portal is a PHP Portal/CMS based on PRADO, a famous PHP-based framework. The difference between Prado Portal and other systems is that you can edit any page visually, by adding Portlets to the page, no need to go through long menu paths to add contents to your site. Uses MySQL as database, have a nice and easy installation wizard ...
  15. PHPX3
    570 total visits
    PHPX3 is a web portal system, blog, Content Management System (CMS), forums, and more.NOTES:- To use the domain authentication, you will need to download and make the extenstion for PHP.- I have included the .so file for PHP 4.2.3, its in admin/scripts- I have also included the actual SMBAUTH files so you can make your own if you need ...
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